Coca-Cola – the shape that matters


Coca-Cola glass bottle

Coca-Cola Bottle - the shape that men prefer

There is something about the sight of the glass Coca-Cola bottle which makes men even more thirsty. Some say it’s the well-proportioned curves which drive the male brain into a state of fondness while others say it’s because many find pint-sized does matter.

Coca-Cola Girl - Trinidad and Tobago

Coca-Cola, the real thing plus the undisputed king of fizz and froth, also comes in the “massive” or 20 ounce bottle which is popular because it seems to never end despite countless sips and gulps. Unfortunately, to real cola men, the massive doesn’t have the same attraction as the curvy glass bottle and I think it’s for biological reasons. The problem with the initial massive-shaped bottle design was that it easily slipped if the hand was greasy from KFC, curry drippings or even excess doubles oil. This defect did not escape the Coco-Cola bottle engineers and after many years of intense research, came up with the patented Grip which to the non-bottle engineer seems to be just some mindless studs placed like an afterthought at the grippable portion of the bottle. The Coca-Cola marketing department claimed via several full-page ads that these studs afforded a better grip even to the novice guzzler with greasy hands.

Coca-Cola is the real thing and despite some other cola being sold at TT$2.00 in an attempt to gain more market share of the lucrative sugar water industry, Coke will survive because it is the shape, not the sugar, that shaped our minds.




8 thoughts on “Coca-Cola – the shape that matters

  1. You got the captions mixed up. I think you meant

    Coca-Cola Bottle – Trinidad and Tobago

    Coca-Cola Girl – the shape that men prefer

  2. that baby coca-cola bottle was genius …. cuz yeah …. the shape IS very sexy …. unlike a massive!!

    It’s interesting that packaging actually influences de consumer …. well …. me at least …. cuz I would quicker buy ah coke in dat baby bottle …. dan buy de probably more economical massive one ….

    another bottle dat does totally chain meh up ….. is de CHUBBY ….. I love that little chubby bottle …. altho I’m not a big swee-drinker ….

    Then there’s water …. I love that embossed bottle …. the one that looks like if it actually have water on it …. is it blue waters ….

    anyway …. ah gorn …. ah ramblinn 🙂

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