The Price of Pleasure in Trinidad and Tobago

Pleasure Unleashed at $1,000 a pop in Trinidad and Tobago

The old saying was “Carnival is colour and colour is Kodak” but all that has changed. Now, the new saying in Trinidad and Tobago is “Carnival is pleasure and pleasure is expensive.” Yes, pleasure has a price and sometimes it’s $1,000 per person in Maraval. To be fair, it is an all inclusive event meaning it’s all you can eat, all you can drink and all you can wine between the hours of 2 and 9. But the question is how much can one man or woman eat, drink and wine without getting sick or creating a bad impression in the minds of the ones who did not get too drunk to forget. Yesterday was the first time I had the opportunity to actually see expensive Carnival fete tickets so I had to take a photo and blog for the world to see. At these prices I was expecting the tickets to be the size of on iPad but unfortunately they were regulation size tickets or even smaller, probably in an attempt so as to maximize profits. I wonder if fete promoters pay taxes or if the police will be waiting for those fete-intoxicated drivers? On the positive side, these fetes do bring in foreign exchange as these two tickets were bought with a foreign credit card by a foreigner as I am sure many tickets to Carnival fetes were.

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4 thoughts on “The Price of Pleasure in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Top-stitched leather! Nice!

    Now if I stumbled across those tickets I’d sell them on the black market. There are quite a few spring releases on Amazon screaming my name, chief among them pair after pair of – you guessed it – beautiful top-stitched leather sandals!

  2. da’is joke … I hear Lara fete is about $1200 …

    and as we jokin around …. hear dis next one …. a friend of mine sold his beach house ticket for $1500 …. yes …. yuh read right ….

    He purchased the ticket for $800 (i.e. the actual price) …. and he re-sold it (to a foreigner) for ONE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!

    • I never understand Fete compulsion. It must be for the show more than the content. A sucker is born every minute and fete goers prove this – unless they get the tickets for free, that is 🙂

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