Ravi B digs out own eye then apologises

If for weeks I thought I was the front runner for winning $2 million via text message votes and didn’t win despite scores of expensive radio ads urging people to text for me, I might also think about inciting my fans to pelt whatever suitable projectile they could find at short notice. If I had a hairstyle like Ravi B I would never think somebody with a normal haircut and who looks like he is at least a generation older than me could beat me on text. This would be like Machel losing to Ravi at the Soca Monarch finals. It is true the winner, Ricki Jai, came out of a big White Oak bottle to start his performance but I doubt that would have caused the big difference in votes. Maybe it was Ravi’s performance or people’s love for White Oak and Water.  It could also be that many texters were under the influence while texting so mixed up Ravi with Ricki.

I was planning to throw an all inclusive fete next year so I too could get rich and was thinking of paying Ravi B to perform but now I might just ask Neisha B alone. Dr. Moonilal said Ravi B did not win because it was not his karma and also the Minister is suggesting Ravi B be charged with inciting violence as the country is now one role model short. The DPP already has so much on his plate so I doubt he will ever find the time to charge another celebrity with some trivial, plastic-cup offense in our country, the murder and corruption capital of the real world. With this latest celebrity outburst, the Chutney Soca Monarch is in need of some common sense so I want to recommend from next year the first prize for the competition be $500,000 if the winning song is about the delights of drinking alcohol and $2 million if it is about anything else.

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9 thoughts on “Ravi B digs out own eye then apologises

    • In the local celebrity world there is such a thing as temporary suicide. It’s like in soap operas where people can come back to life after certain death. We are a forgiving people and even the vilest of politicians can make a comeback in quick time 😉

  1. Clearly this is just a blind attack on Ravi B, this author is being really critical of an individual but suggestive comments such as ‘hairstyle’ etc. Where i do not condone the ‘pelt incident’ what Ravi B did was not an act of violence, he was not charged because there were no charged to be made. What is amazing is that present Soca Monarch is in court for near man slaughter, Benjai has abused police officers, JMC Triveni had a sex offence charge 5 yrs ago ( Varendra Persad is banned from the states ) so many artistes messes up but is not surrounded by so much of people trying to build controversy. I have to say this incident was way too exaggerated, I guess MR George Singh pulled all his alliances together to crash his most powerful artiste and then the rest of the people found an opportunity to take Ravi B and try to crash him… Why? Because he is one of the best. I want Ravi B to know that besides a couple of losers who find delight in his mistake because it gave them an opening, stand strong because you have more support than you may even know.and let me correct you, Rikki Jai is not comparable to Machel. He is more comparable to A 52 year old singer that has no power besides a couple of politicians playing friends (Moonilal) And to the author of this blg, he did not dig his own eye and then apologises. It takes a very humble man to make an effort to correct a wrong to appease the negative minds. And I enjoyed all his many carnival shows, more than any other chutney artiste put together that he conducted with screaming fans AFTER Chutney Soca Monarch.

  2. Ravi B is just a super star so obviously whatever he does will make headlines who this blog should be dissing is Rikki Jai who cheated so openly, come on his song is s*it and his performance that night was bigger s*it and where ever he popped up he was booed…its like Chutney Soca monarch wanted to go back to the ancient days so they took 50 steps backwards I for one will not support a show so unfair. I still say there will NEVER be a performance again like Ravi B ever! The rest of them really live in the past and even the new ones like KI may have a popular song( which I like) but does not rock a stage like Ravi B or can ever perform like him ( trust me I have seen him a LOT sorry KI but BOOOOOOO) so whatever anyone want to say about Ravi B if I was him I going to do the same thing in fact he never say to pelt he say If the people disagree with the results(thanks to youtube I have this memorised) to pelt the stage and the WHOLE crowd pelt everything…. That is power that no other artiste has…. Ravi B is the flippi best yo and no matter a couple a-holes (like this original publicist) try to bring him down, you all cant the man bess and he reankin tall

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