The Kindle Wi-Fi – Unboxed and Useful

The Kindle is packed in Frustration-free packaging and like the rest of the world, assembled in China

The Kindle 6″ Wi-Fi is shipped in an unattractive box and but as the old saying goes, never judge by box alone. The package is certified (by Amazon, I assume) to be frustration-free which is something that should be extended to people as well.  On seeing the box, there is the usual excitement due to anticipation of the thought of a new box and what it will bring.

The Kindle is ready to use, straight out the box

I can also certify the box is frustration-free and once it’s opened, the Kindle is on and ready to use. The battery life for the Kindle is amazing and the folks at Amazon, including Jeff Bezos, made sure the battery technology in the Kindle could live up to reader’s expectations. When last did a paper book need to be recharged using a USB port?

The next item in the Kindle box is the tiny users' manual

The paper manual included with the Kindle is a quick-start guide. For more details on how to do fancy stuff like uploading PDFs, making the Kindle talk, searching, play MP3s etc, the user would have to either download (in Kindle format) the real manual or simply visit the Kindle page at Amazon.

The only two items included with the kindle is the USB cable and an AC adapter

Simplicity is the motto in designing the Kindle so using the Kindle, including charging should be intuitive. If you get one cable and one AC adapter you will not have to think too much, just like using paper books.

Like a supermodel, the Kindle is thin

The Kindle is easy to hold though thinner than most good books. It leaves the reader feeling confident that he or she holding on to something that is of high quality and being assembled in China is irrelevant. Everything good now comes from China  like the iPhone, the Kindle, the corruption-free construction industry.

The quality of the screen - E Ink Pearl - is unbelieveably clear and crisp

I showed the Kindle to several people – skeptics and believers – and everybody agreed that reading anything on the Kindle was effortless and just like reading on paper. The Kindle is a black and white only device which for most readers, is not an issue. So far, I think the Kindle is amazing and useful, but in the short- term, it will not replace paper as many books are not available in Kindle format for complicated reasons that might sound either stupid or greedy to most.

Photos look good on the Kindle

Setting up the Wi-Fi is easy and buying books is a little too easy. One-Click-Ordering was designed to make buying effortless, but in the hands of the weak and impulsive, it is good for the American economy.

Maybe the Government should give students Kindles instead of paper text books as it would help save trees and protect the backs of students from muscle strain and also reduce incidents of slip disk. This e-text book idea is already being explored in Africa.

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6 thoughts on “The Kindle Wi-Fi – Unboxed and Useful

    • Not only is there no book worms but hardly any book dust or friends turned enemies because of borrowed books. Unfortunately, it doesn’t smell like a new book or responds to caresses like paper ones.

    • Thanks for the link, Mike. I like it.

      I can read on a kindle easily but for some reason, I doubt a Kindle will be a big part of my book-life. I think paper gives comfort that the kindle doesn’t. But the next generation may think differently.

  1. I have owned a K2 for over a year now and have really loved it. However, when I saw the K3, (or next generation Kindle), was coming out and was able to find a few images and specs, I knew I wanted it. I ordered immediately and began the long wait.

    It was well worth it.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with my K2, it’s still going strong and has never given me any problems at all but I had a number of reasons for ordering the K3:

    Graphite- Yes,really. I wanted something not white. I think the graphite looks better and cleaner. While skins are available, I found them to be a bit distracting so I’m very glad that Amazon gave us the choice to order white or graphite.

    Size- The K2 is actually nice but it seems a little big, especially in a case. I wanted something smaller and the K3 fits my hand perfectly. It’s like it was designed around my hand that’s how well it fits.

    “Previous Page” button on both coasts- I found this to be very important because it just feels right and it’s necessary. See, there you are, in bed, all propped up on pillows, comfy, holding the Kindle in your right hand, reading, while your left hand dips in to the bag of Peanut M&Ms. You’re reading along, engrossed in the story-you click the next page button and for whatever reason, miss something. “Wait, what?”, you say and you have to go back to the previous page to pick up that word you missed but now you have to take your hand OUT of your bag of chocolates to hit the previous page button and it disrupts the entire flow and pulls you out of your comfy little cocoon for a second. With the previous page button on the right hand side as well, you don’t have to stop using your left hand to shove candy down your throat, stop petting the dog or cat, stop twisting your hair, you just continue on, reading, using one hand. The Kindle needed that button on the right side, they put it there, I could not be happier.

    Placement of “Home”, “Menu” buttons- While I may be used to the K2’s button placement, the K3’s home and menu button are where I intuitively want to press. It makes more sense to me to have them by the keyboard. This is where the bulk of the function buttons are, why have them spread out all over the place? All in one little area.

    The 5 Way Controller- I am so happy with the new 5 way controller. The one on the K2 stresses me out. It’s a little knob and I have been very anxious this entire time that I’m going to break it right off. This was really noticeable when I started building my collections because I had to use that controller button a lot. It took me probably twice as long as others because I was very careful touching that controller, delicately pushing it to the right or up/down. The 5 way controller on the K3 works well, more responsive to the touch and I’m less stressed. It may take some getting used to for some when using it to navigate up or down a page as the Menu and Home buttons are very close to those controls but for me, again, no problems. LOVE it.

    Contrast- Ok, I read all kinds of things about contrast when I first got my K2. I, luckily, never had a problem with my contrast. It always seemed dark to me and I never felt the need for a hack or to return mine because it was good. Or so I thought. When I got the K3, holy cow what a difference! The fonts are so much darker, crisper, so much easier to read. What an absolute pleasure! They still have the grayish background and when I compare the two, the background looks almost the same color. On the K3 it’s just more…clear, really. In fact, when I put my K2 and my K3 next to each other, I marvel at how I ever thought my K2 had dark fonts. It looks faded, sun bleached, hard to read compared to the K3. When they said better contrast, they absolutely meant, better contrast. The K2 was already easy on my eyes but this contrast is even better for my eyes. It’s hard to tell from photos, you really have to see it in person. Excellent job on this part. Beautiful.

    Wi-Fi- I ordered the 3G/Wi-Fi because I’m not always going to be home when using my Kindle. But I am so happy that they added wi-fi because this entire time, I’ve been mainly using the USB cord to do anything with the Kindle. I’ve had to shop on my computer, send the book to my Kindle, hook up the USB cord, drag it to my Kindle…and no, it’s not hard but you know, sometimes I just don’t feel like getting out of bed to get the laptop and the cord and set it all up. Sometimes, I just want to order the next book in the series without moving. Oh yes, the Kindle is spoiling me and now, having the wi-fi, I don’t even have to MOVE at ALL to get another book! How grand is life? The set up was laughably easy. At first when it scanned for a hot spot it didn’t detect mine but I don’t take “no” for an answer so I made it look again. It found my signal, I put in the password and now I can shop around in the Kindle store like everyone else, I can get on the web, browse around and get my books in 60 seconds, (or less), like all the others. I didn’t feel I had missed out on too much before with my K2 but now that I’ve been able to do this with the K3, I realize I have been missing a lot of the Kindle experience. Thank you, Amazon, for adding this feature.

    So those were the reasons I ordered this unit.

    As far as weight is concerned, I’ll be honest that I don’t really notice much of a difference. I do carry both in a case, maybe that has something to do with it but, seriously, they feel just about the same. Also, I don’t mind the number keys not being on the keyboard. I never really used them anyway and it’s a matter of hitting the “sym”, (symbol), key to get the number menu. I guess if you like to jump around to different locations it might get old but I have discovered there are ways to get around that. (Find out which letters associate with those number keys and you don’t have to use the symbol menu.) But again, for me, not a big deal.

    The previous/next page buttons are a little different but once again, these work perfectly for me because as I was reading on the K3, I noticed that I hit those keys towards the very edge anyway. I picked up my K2 just to test and yep, that’s how I held the Kindle so I don’t have to put any effort in to turning a page. And they are quiet. No more, “click”…read, read, read, “click”, read, read, read, “click”…you can’t hear them.

    And finally, page turns: I put my two Kindles next to each other and hit the “next page” buttons simultaneously and they both turn at pretty much the same speed. I really don’t notice much difference there.

    Anyway, my K2, as I said, still works and I’m keeping the K2 but this K3 is stunning. It is glorious. I absolutely love it. I had enough time between ordering and receiving and I wondered if maybe I would send it back, maybe I could just keep using the K2, maybe I’m being a bit of a tech junkie…but that would be wrong. There is NO WAY I would send this thing back. It’s absolutely wonderful. I love it. I absolutely LOVE the K3.

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