Pathos calls Harty aka Manning and Hart Reunite

Pathos: Hello? Harty please.

Harty: Who is deess? How you geh deess nuember an how u knooo mie name?

Pathos: Chill, Harty. Dis is Pathos an how yuh talking alike a Malaysian so.

Harty: Pathos? Yuh sounding different. Yuh sounding like yuh worried about jail.

Pathos: Oh gosh, Harty,  ah longing tu talk to ah friend yuh knoe how long. Boy, dey mash up mih spy ring an ah feeling real bad mind again

Harty: What? De spy ring? How dey go do daaattt? Well listen, you sound like yuh desperate and longing for the old time days where the treasury was like we own bank account. When every time you bray people say hee-haw, hee-haw. Those were the days, my friend
We thought they’d never end
We’d sing and dance forever and a day
We’d live the life we choose
We’d fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way
La la la la la la
La la la ….

Pathos: …cut de crap nah man. Deze people an dem go throw mih ash in jail yuh know. An if dat doe work ah goe hah tuh spend de rest ah mih lil pension and about 1/1000th of mih offshore savings in legal fees and settlements. Look, ah call yuh because I know yuh is also ah good construction man. Yuh get de picture Hazel sen yuh?

Harty: Yes boy, and she looking good.

Pathos: No, not that one! The one ah Tantie Kammie house in Phillipine?

Harty: Oh ho. Yes, ah geh it.

Pathos: Tell mih nah, how much you go build dat house for?

Harty: Well, fuh de State we does start nothing less than $150 million – TT dollars, naturally. Ah still ah patriot yuh knoe.

Pathos: Rightttt. Ah goe tell de people how Tantie Kammie house cost $150 million. De press and dem goe believe dat as it coming from me. Dey knoe me and how ah does never lie. Boy I under so much pressure dese days I have to attack, attack, attack to defend mih self. Mih physiatrist tell mih ah goe need years ah therapy again before ah could be considered normal.  By de way, way yuh day, Mr. Patriot?

Harty: Ah roaming boss, ah roaming wild with former state funds.

Pathos: Poor Tess gone with she funds too boy. She say dey out fuh she an she fraid police an ting so she buss it too. Hazel glad doe. Hazel never like Tess yuh knoe. Hazel used to tell mih dat Tess go suck mih dry buh dat was better dan no suck at all. So yuh see dey mash up de church too?

Harty: Yeah boy and like all de scaffolding and Chinee gone with it. Dat was some good scaffolding, yes.

Pathos: Dey looking fuh yuh too, yuh knoe. Like Dooks an dem want back de money tu pay off dem smart CL  men.

Harty: Well yuh know if dey fine me is like dey fine you. Yuh knoe yuh doe hah tuh worry, yuh local padners goe make sure we stay intact. So how de crime rate going?

Pathos: Wah yuh expeck.

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