Stephen King’s Fans Revolt

Full Dark, No Stars has some fans outraged

Stephen King‘s new book, Full Dark, No Stars is generating a major controversy and it has nothing to do with the author but with the publisher’s attitude to book buyers. The publisher, it seems, has decided to price the Kindle version of the book higher than the hardcover version. This pricing strategy is unbelievable as it defies logic unless the logic is to force people to help deforest the planet at a faster rate. I think Amazon reluctantly went with the stupid pricing policy for King’s latest book as it will no doubt tarnish Amazon’s reputation as the king of the best price.

Kindle Price is higher than the hardcover price - why?

I bought the hardcover version of Full Dark, No Stars at $14.90 which is a very reasonable price for a newly released Stephen King hardcover. Some are saying that price is too heavily discounted for a hardcover and the Kindle price is more like what the price of the hardcover should be. What ever the truth is, a Kindle price should always be lower than the hardcover price because that is what Kindle buyers have come to expect and enjoy

one-star reviews as a form of protest

Fans are protesting bitterly and nearly half of the reviewers of Full Dark, No Stars on Amazon have given the book a one-star review in protest of the price since there is no way to give a no-star review. It is unfortunate that fans had little choice in the matter though the book is easily one of King’s best in years. I hope Stephen King will use his enormous influence and banish the pricing culprits responsible for this fiasco  to eternal hell.

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15 thoughts on “Stephen King’s Fans Revolt

  1. I arrived at their (the mega-publishers’) twisted rationale a few weeks ago when I first discovered Kindle books that were priced higher than the p-versions. Yeah, they think this will protect the sales of the paper.

    Recently read an article that claims e-books are NOT more eco-friendly than paper books. Being a paper-loving girl myself, I’m rooting for books I can touch, smell and caress, and whose pages flutter in the breeze.

  2. What the eco-friends don’t tell people is that all the choices are all evil and the one which is promoted is simply the one that lends itself to good PR. Once we consume we will do harm to the environment and the only way to save the planet is to use good quality condoms 😉

    On a lighter note, I am seeing good use for a Kindle as it supports PDFs. For work, I can use an easy to carry around device holding a couple thousand technical manuals. What I find disturbing about Kindle, apart from not being able to smell and ruffle the paper, is that an e-book will never end up in the bargain section of any bookstore.

  3. Love your cool quotes on the side……and the Stephen King thing is just to take advantage of readers who are latching on the the Kindle trend. I for one cannot read the screen too long… I am a traditionalist. Love the firm hard feel, and the smell of organic material…..

    Celtic Crystal

    • Celtic Crystal – nice blog 😉

      Glad you like the quotes!

      Book reading is an experience but I am sure over time, most will wonder and even laugh at how the folks of old used to read. The priniple will be “you can’t miss what you never had or experienced.”

  4. I like Stephen King. Usually pick up new books like that in an airport. Picked up Under the Dome a couple weeks ago like that, even though it probably weighed, all by itself, the limit for carryon baggage. And still I prefer to read fiction from an actual paper book, heavy though they might be.

  5. wow that’s rough… all logic should pt to an electronic version of anything being cheaper. But it being more expensive than a hardcover??! not even a paperback, but hardcover? hmmm… I remember when Amazon emailed me about that book and I clicked on it and saw so many 1 star ratings, I was kinda bummy… now I know why! thanks for educating me aka 🙂

    Let’s see what SK does if anything.

    Btw, How was the book? I haven’t read an SK in quite awhile!

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