Trinidad and Tobago Spies – Spying for Prophetess and Profit

Posted: November 12, 2010 in trinidad and tobago
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A Trinidad and Tobago Spy Helicopter?

Everybody suspected there was big time spying going on in this tiny country of Trinidad and Tobago but what is even more shocking is that the Prophetess couldn’t see what was going on without all the high-tech equipment. Maybe the intelligence work was not for political gain alone but also sold  to those gunrunners, drug dealers and kidnappers who people always thought was a big part of the old, voted-out partnership. All those helicopters buzzing about and the Blimp peeping into people’s  bedrooms with nice, flashy cameras was not just to satisfy the erotic fantasies of the Master and his Mistress but also for profit. I suspect the people involved in these state-funded, illegal operations have hundreds of millions of ill-gotten US dollars stashed in bank accounts and mattresses around the world and in local financial institutions except CL Financial. Was Duprey and Monteil on the list of those spied on? If so, was Tesheira privy to such privileged information? Seeing how ethical a person she is, I won’t be surprised.  Something smells very rotten in Trinidad and Tobago and I believe he made a statement on the issue at a press conference today. Talk about a bold face liar who will obviously spend the rest of his days in Golden Grove. The people can’t wait.

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