Bollywood Hero – Easy on the eyes

The mini-series, Bollywood Hero was not bad and I will probably look at it again a few months. However, I came across this YouTube which was obviously a promotion for the series in the US. Not a bad idea. Planned spontaneity can be an excellent marketing tool.  Bollywood Hero, a three-part mini-series, premiered last year in the United States on a channel called IFC but I only saw it this year on something called ten-dollar DVD. Bollywood Hero was entertaining with some good laughs and songs. The mini-series was aimed at US or Western audiences and was filmed almost entirely in India. The goofy looking but likable American comedian Chris Kattan is an unlikely Bollywood Hero and starred as himself  in the mini-series which is also  filled with the expected Bollywood drama and two uncommonly beautiful beauties, former Miss India-Universe, Neha Dhupia, and former Miss India-USA, Pooja Kumar (पूजा कुमार). Bollywood Hero is obviously pleasant on the male eyes.

Pooja Kumar

Neha Dhupia

Chris Kattan, Pooja Kumar and Neha Dhupia at event of Bollywood Hero

12 thoughts on “Bollywood Hero – Easy on the eyes

  1. Ugh, Chris Kattan… you had me hooked till you mentioned him. Unfortunately, I won’t watch anything with him, Will Ferrell, Ricky Gervais, Tom Cruise, Steve Carell… and maybe a few more on my list but whom I can’t recall at the moment… I’d rather have both arms hacked off, if you get the idea. Well, maybe if you pay me, but then again, most people can’t go that high…

    • I know what you are saying but it’s one of these movies that despite early negative prejudgment, it turns out to be ok. Will Ferrel and Tome Cruise – I agree. I have to add Drew Barrymore to that list 😉

  2. I’d watch any of the above (under duress, of course) before I watch anything with Nicholas Cage.

    Chris Kattan looks ecstatic in that photo, like he just died and went to heaven. I wonder why. 😀

  3. It was cool and Chris Kattan wasn’t a complete buffoon and except for Kunti and her over the top yoga weirdness I liked it.

    I would take him over Will Ferrell any day of the week

  4. “Easy on the eyes” led me to believe that Hrithik Roshan was in here somewhere…..FALSE ADVERTISING MAN!!! I want my $$$ back lol.

  5. I love Steve Carell 🙂

    …. and is this the show that Joel McHale’s been crappin on (on Talk Soup) where the guy’s entire arm is chopped off before he falls off a cliff????

    PS: Pooja kinda lookin like Kim Kardashian ….

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