It’s the photographer, not the camera, stupid – my Pentax K-7 first shots

A Rainy Morning at Store Bay, Tobago

The picture above doesn’t even come close to telling the full story as to what was going on around as the photo was being taken. Just minutes after the shot there was an extremely heavy downpour with lightening and thunder that became the norm in Tobago the weekend – sorry nothing more dramatic was happening. It was cat and mouse with the rain and I can’t recall ever experiencing so much bad weather in the island. Anyway, this was my first outing with the Pentax K-7 and while most people were reading one of the late Stieg Larsson’s popular, sexy, summer-reads, I battled with the K-7 user manual and Magic Lantern Guide. I am not complaining since getting to know your new camera is one reason people buy new cameras they may or may not need.

I like the K-7 as the learning curve is nice and steep.  The best photos I took so far with the K-7  are portrait shots of people who will never permit me to post their photos, so I have to post landscapes with blown out highlights that would make a tolerant histogram cringe. The photos were shot in Adobe DNG RAW and processed with Adobe Lightroom 2.5 which I am learning to use with one of Scott Kelby‘s many books.

Here are my first public post with Pentax K-7 shots, which supplies proof that a new camera does not mean better photographs – it’s almost always the photographer’s fault.

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10 thoughts on “It’s the photographer, not the camera, stupid – my Pentax K-7 first shots

  1. Tobago does look beautiful 🙂 the water looks great in those – I particularly like the light in #4, and #9 and #18. I read my manual for my new car…not quite the same…

    • Thanks, Jumbie but the photos were not what I expected so I may need to either adjust my expectations or learn more about the camera 🙂

      I missed a panos opportunity in Tobago but have good idea for one next weekend – stay tuned and I may need your help.

  2. WOW! That is a gorgeous shot.

    A few weeks back I asked a photog what camera he would recommend as a good start up for someone going from advanced point and shoot cameras into serious digital photography, and he told me to get a Canon Rebel. Have you used those? Any recommendations?

  3. As a good photographer friend said to me via email last week, they are all the same 🙂 I never used any other type of DSLR besides Pentax so it would be hard to say based on my own experience but any of the Canon Rebel cameras should be good. Here is a good blog post on choosing a DSLR from one of the best photo blogs around: A Letter to George

    It’s funny but factual when you think about it 😉

  4. It’s the photographer …. not the camera?

    Yuh sure bout dat ….. cuz it lookin like de location tuh me 🙂 ….. LOL ….. FAB shoots aka!!!

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