Dear Dr. Tim

Dear Dr Tim,

I am a boy who was successful in the 2010 SEA examinations, and I want to express my gratefulness for the HP laptop and for your efforts in trying to protect me from bad sites that can mess up my innocent, little brain. A little brain that has seen as much real blood on the local TV news and neighborhood pavements as I have seen bulk-purchased ketchup at KFC. I was wondering though, Dr. Tim, as to what sites will I be prevented from seeing. I suppose the PNM website will be at the top of the list of bad sites but will I be able to blog freely like Jumbie, Chennette, aka, Scene, Liane, Bandi, GirlBlue, etc.? Ok, I will understand if you and your team of self-righteous educators ban aka’s wathless blog and his almost scandalous website but what about those other local blogs I mentioned. Some say these blogs can be considered national treasurers and one way of diversifying the economy. I think blogging should be taught in schools as a form of creativity and to inspire commonsense.

Pretty Laptop

On the same note, my friends and I were looking at some photos of bikini models online and wondering if the Ministry of Education considers Y.U.M.A or Tribe websites to be soft-core porn or local art? Mummy says it’s soft-core but daddy has Y.U.M.A as his home page and calls the site Yahoo! Daddy says the Government supports Carnival and Carnival is everybody thing and we culture. I think Tribe has some cool costumes for Carnival 2011. What do you think, Dr. Tim? Are you into Carnival costumes?  What about when  a Miss Trinidad and Tobago choose to go almost topless as a form of sacrifice to promote her country and our faltering economy internationally, will I have to buy a Guardian to see the photos or will my HP provide me with these historic and heroic  images during recess? Don’t worry too much as someone might BBM me the images. I hope you and your advisers don’t ban local talent from my curious, little non-pretentious eyes. Will I be able to go on Facebook like tantie Kammie and tell people about what I did in New York, Piarco or Time Magazine? I know you and your team have only a vague idea so far about how to make us brighter using an HP but these are early days and all that matters right now is keeping the easy election promises.

The Art of Trinidad Carnival

Dr. Tim, before I go, I hear people saying corporal punishment in schools is illegal but hanging murderers is not only legal but the way forward. I know I shouldn’t bother my little head with what form of killing is right or wrong for the country nor should I mix two ideas in one paragraph, much less a sentence, but will I have to use a track ball on the laptop  similar to the one on my Blackberry or one of those quirky touch pads? Will there be a quick turnaround time for repairs of laptops and will my school principal be taught how to execute simple laptop repairs to minimize learning down time? Can the laptops withstand  a six-foot drop on to a concrete surface and come out unscathed? Will HP appoint a local agent to handle repairs and if so, who? I wonder who these laptops are insured with? Just asking.

Yours Respectfully,

Boyo Boy

p.s.  We all also love Uncle Jack, and mummy calls him the Elastoplast man – a plaster for every sore.

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23 thoughts on “Dear Dr. Tim

  1. {wagging finger @ LOL in a stern manner}

    LOL… I really must express my disapproval of this post. You have forced me to purchase yet another keyboard after spilling my tea (thru my nose, no less) in a most undignified manner. Is not so much the cost of a UK ergonomic keyboard but the indignity of tea coming thru my nose that has me miffed.

    I mean man, what kinda line is, ” I suppose the PNM website will be at the top of the list of bad sites…” or “…daddy has Y.U.M.A as his home page and calls the site Yahoo! “?

    Shimps, man…

    • Jumbie, now I have to skip Sunday breakfast because my tea will not be the same 🙂 I am thinking of making one of these local art sites my home page – just to show my support 😉

  2. Dear Dr Tim, will my school have electrical outlets to plug in my computer to charge? Because sometimes I don’t get reliable supply at home. And how about somebody to carry my bag with laptop PLUS books? And where exactly am I getting internet access from?

  3. …. you do realise that some of those laptops …. will turn out tuh be high-tech typewriters …. cuz as Chennette rightly point out ….. not everybody have internet …. or even electricity …..

    • This is an interesting point and I suppose the MOE must have done or are doing a survey now as to the conditions children live under. Poverty among students is not as uncommon as people think and though the laptop idea is good in theory, there are many things that also need to be addressed over time. If this Government lives up to its name and focus on the population instead of a few greedy businessmen then we may get there. I have nothing against businessmen but I have plenty against greed and dishonesty.

  4. There are some inIteresting points in this article but I don’t know if I comepletely agree. There is some validity, but I will hold my opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well

  5. I am really enjoying the theme/design of your blog. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A few of my blog visitors have complained about my website not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. Do you have any suggestions to help fix this issue?

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