Tobago Crab Without Dumplings

Tobago Crab at Store Bay

Tobago Crab - No Dumpling

Here is a Tobago crab minus the dumplings. Around this time of the year there are many Trinis who line up by Miss Jean or Miss Trim in Store Bay, Tobago to buy Crab and Dumpling without thinking that neither the dumplings nor the crabs are fond of the dish. These crabs are shy because they want to live and probably heard many horror stories about humans and their dumplings. Maybe Chennette, Wizzy or Chris can assure this crab in the photo – who probably reads my blog –  that he or she is much too thin to even come close to a box of Tobago dumplings.

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18 thoughts on “Tobago Crab Without Dumplings

    • Like I said to Jumbie, I am not a big crab or even dumpling fan but crab and dumpling seems very popular in Tobago. I think the cooks will spare this crab 😉

  1. I love crab and dumplings….but not a skinny rock crab like that! I make it wayyyyyyyyyy better than all those people in Tobago anyway!! LOL….I’m an optimist who hopes one of them will eventually get it right….but not gonna happen if that’s the crab they’re servng!!

  2. “These crabs are shy because they want to live…” HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious….I don’t think they want to live. If they wanted to live they wouldn’t be so damn tasty…they’d be yucky…like aloes….that’s something we shouldn’t eat lol 😉

    And I notice that Jumbie is only fond of Jumbie’s cooking eh!! He’s not impressed by Tobago crab and dumpling and he doubted me when I said that Dopson’s has the best curry lol.

    • Jumbie has been cooking for over 30 years, KC so he knows what he’s about. Hard to impress him dese days.

      And I’ve had Deepa’s crab and dumpling and it really was way better than any in Tobago.

      And I was recently in Trinidad AND Tobago… so I know.

  3. KC, crabs have gone out of their way to look ugly in order to survive but smart and hungry humans know looks can be deceiving 😉

    Jumbie, I wonder who makes the better crab and dumplings, you or Deepa 😉

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