Inception – Not For Village Idiots

Kim Kardashian did not star in Inception but has featured in many dreams

Critics say Inception is a great movie made for the intelligent man and woman. Inception is like, well, so totally intellectual you can’t even take your mind off the movie for a second to admire the Miss Universe grade form accidentally brushing up against your almost retracted legs.

I saw Inception yesterday and I can assure you this movie is not for the stupid. Smart people found Inception so good they clapped at the end while the dumb ones hurried out the cinema with bent, confused heads carrying empty popcorn bags packed on top ketchup-stained chicken combo trays, looking for the nearest garbage bin to identify with. I pretended to be smart and gave a couple vague hand claps to hide my stupidity and tucked my chicken combo tray under the seat next to me. All I could have said to the group of both intellectual and pseudo-intellectual friends was that the movie was “cork.” One friend who is into science fiction and a physics PhD asked if I understood the movie, and I said “Wah dey hah tuh understand.”

Inception wallpaper

I was quietly confused trying to figure out whose dream was whose and what was a dream and what was a dream within a dream in this movie of dreams. The fact is that Inception is fast-paced, complicated and brilliant but it makes up for these shortcomings with totally awesome special effects. Leonardo DiCaprio played the part of a man who knows his dreams and can get into the head of other dreamers to steal secret information which I imagine can be stuff like the recipe for KFC or the facts behind the Guanapo church or even if a woman is wearing any underwear. What DiCaprio is however contracted to do in the movie is not to find out about underwear but to plant an idea in someone’s head via a dream – inception. It was a dumb idea but the movie nobody bothered to question the idea out of fear of being branded an idiot. What I was also able to pick up from the movie is that what you think is reality might be a dream and reading this blog may seem like a dream but I can assure you it is as real as silicon boobs.

Totem or Top?

So, out of fear of being labeled stupid, I rate Inception highly and recommend it to all my friends but especially my dumb enemies. You know who you are even if I don’t.

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14 thoughts on “Inception – Not For Village Idiots

    • I hear Trinidad is getting an IMAX very soon – probably finished already.

      I thought the movie was brilliant and the 2.5 hours just flew pass like a…dream. I wouldn’t recommend going to see Inception after a day of solid brain work trying to get something to work. Other than that it’s a must see 😉

  1. “The dumb ones hurried out the cinema with bent, confused heads carrying empty popcorn bags packed on top ketchup-stained chicken combo trays, looking for the nearest garbage bin to identify with.”<<———–HILARIOUS!!!! LMAO

    I have to go see it again. I'm in between smart and village idiot because I was enjoying and understanding the movie…….until I fell asleep :$

    Seeing a 10:45pm movie that requires focus when you've been up since 4am and only had 2 hours of sleep is NOT a good idea lol.

    I'll pretend that I got it in the interim and hope that when I see it again I DO get it 😀

    • ennekaycee, I also went to a late show and you are right, Inception is not for the sleepy. I will not go to any movie this late without a good days rest 😉

  2. LOL …. boy you eh playin you does make me laugh nah!

    I ain’t even gonna attempt tuh go see this movie! ….. cuz partin wit $45 tuh prove dat I am stupid …. is …. well …. STUPID! 🙂

  3. I was sold from the time my son gave me his synopsis. Don’t know where I’ll end up on the stupidity totem pole so I’m prepared to pretend I understand it if all else fails… 😀

  4. I gotta say, your blog’s a good read, and you the jab at those who need to find “bins to relate to” made me laugh, but if you didn’t understand Inception… you’re stupid 😛 Simple as. YES, we’re not supposed to know exactly whether or not DiCaprio’s character is in a dream or not, but other than that, it is so straight forward. And I’m 15 for Christs sake!

    • The point I was trying to make about Inception – and I should have said it directly – is that Inception is a so-so movie with great special effects. I don’t even have the yearning to look at it when I am less tired 😉

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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