RBTT Trinidad and Tobago – Not a Bank but a Fiasco

A Decision Maker at RBTT Trinidad and Tobago

The public’s perception of RBTT in Trinidad and Tobago is no different to that of Calder Hart and company and that is why customers feel heads will soon be rolling at this once great bank turned permanent fiasco. I am writing a second blog post about this RBTT disaster because just this morning at the RBTT ABM in St. Augustine, a woman on the verge of tears said she had no idea what she was going to do and was still unable get any of her salary money from RBTT. It was really hard to ignore her plight but the bank seems to be enjoying it. I assume RBTT does, in fact, have the woman’s money but one of the worst IT screw-up in West Indian history has been preventing her and thousands of RBTT customers from accessing their funds at the end of the month. It takes a genius with the brains of a jackass to plan this so-called upgrade for the end of the month. Fire them! Fire them!

I cannot stress this point too much but the public will feel no satisfaction until the culprits at RBTT Trinidad and Tobago who are responsible for this mindless and heartless act are publicly named and humiliated. Save your pointless, generic, full page public-apology ads for your toilets, RBTT. Does RBTT have any idea how much productivity is being lost because workers have to take time off from work to stand in line at RBTT banks for hours to get their money? Does RBTT understand how dangerous it is to walk around with large sums of cash? Does RBTT understand what this is doing to their business and image? Can RBTT put a cost on loss of public confidence? Does RBTT know the stress a customer feels when he or she swipes an RBTT card waiting for the transaction to go through or FAIL! No, RBTT doesn’t know and certainly doesn’t give a flying green fig about anything but profits and big cars for the boys. Greed and ruthless foreigners will always bring you down, RBTT! Sources from the bank said the problem has not even been identified much less resolved after one week. The stability of a society on the verge of collapse is at stake, and it seems that incompetence is greater in the private sector than in the public sector in sweet Trinidad and Tobago. Can we expect the private sector to turn the economy around? Maybe, but please exclude RBTT.

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10 thoughts on “RBTT Trinidad and Tobago – Not a Bank but a Fiasco

  1. another fine example of disgracefull customer service in T&T, and they can do this and know they will get away, whilst this action can be categorised as a real jackass move, the customers must take some blame to, because after this, its business as usual. What they should do instead is take every blasted cent out and move/close accounts, send a very clear message to these crooks. interest at banks accrue daily eh people, was this a ploy for the bank to earn some money from our money.

  2. I agree, we as customers put up with and encourage this type of high-handed attitude too much. As for banks being crooks, – there is always a period of time where money has left an account but doesn’t show up in the other until a few days.That is also part of the crookedness that goes on in banks since it is the bank’s money, not yours, for those few days. No doubt some of the biggest racketeers and launderers of money in TnT are bankers. Let’s see if the bank will make any announcements of firings this week.

  3. Lord what a mess! The person who made the decision to do that piece of dotishness at the end of the month needs to be taken to task. Haven’t been here in a while AKA love the site redesign

  4. Click to access file-515478.pdf

    Now, check this job speck. I happen to know… there is no Trinidadian with that qualification in town.

    Yes, takes a member of the industry to roll one’s eyes and comment about the canadian reserved jobs.

    Calder Hart is not the only one.

  5. I thought I was going crazy as an RBTT customer. Thanks for validating my perceptions that this is the worse bank ever in the history of T&T. Last week I found myself using expletives after spending one and half hours in line at the teller at RBTT St James to get a simple TT dollar draft. But I must point out even before the upgrade, RBTT was slow, customer-unfriendly with unprofessional tellers and managers. They spend many millions in advertising every year, making ad companies rich but their advertising is useless because their service is so poor. Tell them to spend less on advertising and more on staff training and they’ll be better off. In the interim, I’ll be transferring my business elsewhere and I advise other customers to do the same.

    • Celinne, your experience is all too common for RBTT customers.

      RBTT is currently being viewed by customers as being useless. The computer upgrade, that alienated the Bank from its customers, is not being done for the benefit of customers and if it is I will like the bank to say exactly how. It is really the Masters in Canada calling on the local puppets to serve them better. Funds that were transferred to pay utility bills using their online banking system since the 29th of June has not reached the various utilities yet and I understand some customers had to make cash payments to prevent disconnection of service. Whey the money gone? How is that for your Friendly Neighborhood Bank? Not even an apology or an explanation will be forthcoming and the only answer from the bank so far is “So What.” I am not being unfair to the Bank just stating the facts.

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