World Cup Final Prediction – The Cuteness Factor

German fan

Men and women view football differently. Men look at footballers’ agility, speed and spitting skills when deciding if a player is good and a team is worthy of support. Women, on the other hand, choose a team based on cuteness of players and how good their uniforms are color coordinated. With the amount of upsets and vomiting taking place for  this World Cup I have decided that women may be on to something so from now on I will be supporting teams, not based on underperforming brand names like Ronaldo, Messi and Kaka, but on how cute their girlfriends are and on the sexiness of the female supporters of teams. I suspect the finals will be between Germany and Netherlands and I predict Germany will win since there are now many German immigrants from countries as far away as Brazil giving the German female crowd at the World Cup a big edge over the Netherlands.

p.s. This World Cup is full of surprises and a big one came when atheist-friendly Netherlands came from behind and beat, or more like beat up football as-a-religion-Brazil in a match which left many Trinis speechless except for the words Nether who? and Van what?

Brazilian soccer fan

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