Christopher Coke – Find Dudus

Christopher “Dudus” Coke aka Presi, Bossy, Shortman is an alleged drug lord and leader of the US-based, Jamaican drugs and arms trafficking ring known as the Shower Posse.  Since last year, the US requested that “Dudus” be extradited from Jamaica to the US to face drug charges and this reluctant quest by the Jamaican authorities for Dudus has caused the death of 73 people so far in Jamaica and Dudus is yet to be found. The news of this ongoing battle in Jamaica between the authorities and supporters of Dudus is constantly in the international news causing tourism to decline in the IMF-hit country. There is a measly $US20, 000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Dudus and when one considers the risk involved no one is likely to take up this ornamental gesture.  The tourism authorities in Jamaica are flying journalist in to prove to them that the beaches are free of gunfire and dead bodies while the white sand beaches of Negril still makes bikinis look better. Needless to say, all the popular restaurants still serve Pepsi and Coke.

The Shower Posse seems to be a family business with the former gang leader being Christopher Coke’s father, Lester Coke. It is said that Lester Coke died from a mysterious fire that broke out in his prison cell while awaiting extradition to the US. The Shower Posse is said to be linked to the ruling Jamaica Labour Party and I suppose in both an unofficial way and an official way. Criminal gangs and politicians are an unlikely mix.

Dudus is seen as a hero to many in Jamaica since he is said to provide the poor with food and money, a need the State may have been unable to satisfy. Some Jamaicans view the quest to extradite Dudus like how some Trinbagoians may look at sending the former Farther of the Nation to jail for extracting a church from state funds. If Dudus is caught and sent to prison the Shower Posse will survive since cutting off the head of a gang only causes a smarter head to grow. Once there is a market for drugs and arms there will always be those who are willing to fill that need. A plaster on the sore always feels good and looks better because it hides the rot underneath.

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