The Undecided Have Decided in Trinidad and Tobago Elections

Most times, I can’t help feel election campaigning is nothing more than providing an entertainment-starved public with something local to look at on TV and billboards rather than something which will sway a potential voter’s  mind. My unscientific survey suggests 99.9% of the people know even before the first election poster is plastered on the first freshly painted wall which party they will vote but the purpose of the campaign is to aggravate and bully those much revered undecideds to stop being lazy and selfish. The polls seem to suggest there are a few hundred thousand undecided voters and I do not believe this since  for the poll I took part in last week I said undecided because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and not because I couldn’t decide which jingle I preferred.

Having the right to vote in a free and fair elections,  followed closely by eating freshly prepared shrimp wontons crisply fried to perfection is what most people crave as much as sex yet there are people who do not make an effort to vote due to laziness, and in very few cases, those thugs waiting with AK47 guns and molotov cocktails on the street corner.  Just because you are never out of rum, cigarettes and carnival costumes is no reason to refuse to stand in line for hours to cast your ballot. Voting is exhilarating and there is only one thing which a man can stick his finger in that feels better than sticking it in election ink on Election Day. I know a few people who are registered to vote for over 20 years and are not Jehovah Witnesses but have never voted because they refuse to believe in proven theories such as every vote counts and Kiss is not real Bread. If the election campaigning by the various parties are successful then more than the average amount of voters will vote in 2010 for the right party.

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8 thoughts on “The Undecided Have Decided in Trinidad and Tobago Elections

  1. I think that lazyness and the attitude that “my vote does not make a difference” is a big problem everywhere. Over here you do not even have to register to vote, all you have to do is go and vote, but there are still so many people that will not go. Strangly enough those are the ones that complain the loudest afterwards.:-)
    I sure hope that enough people are fed up with the same old crap in T&T and do go and vote.
    I keep my fingers crossed for you:-)

    • The so-called undecideds always use the excuse, or it’s more like the political analyst say, they are not attracted to any party. One person referred to the undecideds as cowards and to some extent I suppose that is true but from my point of view, I thing it’s really a doe care attitude that afflicts too many Trinbagoians. Thankfully the group is decreasing in numbers.

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