What The Project Manager Should Have Said

I don’t think the Project Manager, aka PM PM PM, handled the interview on Sunday very well because when he was asked about the church he bungled it. He did not come out and say…

PM PM PM: Ladies and gentlemen, I have absolutely, entirely and totally nothing to do with that church and I have no idea where these pious people get so much damn money from since I know the church owner very well and she is a poor, attractive but impassioned woman who knows very well how to beg a man. Furthermore, my dear friends, I don’t know how these Chinese people who were brought in to work on my house via an opaque Government to Government arrangement is building this church. I will have to check their work permits and see if it says For Government Wuck Only. I also find it a bit more than passing strange that on the drawing for the church a well-known, corrupt State Enterprise that I love so very much is listed as the customer. I have to talk to the honest and Honorable Minister of Security and the incorruptible AG about that. Something doesn’t look right here. Heads look like they may have to roll, ladies and gentlemen, Heads look like they may end up in jail. Next question, please, Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist. ”

How the rest of the interview actually went:

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist III: Sir, I like your tie and your jockey shorts.

PM PM PM: Is So? Thank You for kissing my ass and letting the Nation know how to do it in public.

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist III: Anytime, Sir.

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist II: Sir, we understand the President’s house mash up from neglect and incompetence.

PM PM PM: Is so? But in any case  the President is a mouse but that is not a problem since we were due to fix it, the house I mean, before 2020 reach.

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist II: Wow, excellent answer, Sir.

PM PM PM: I know. Yuh think I easy.

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist I: Apparently crime, corruption, wastage of taxpayers money, property tax, church  or seer woman are not issues for the elections. What are the issues then, Sir?

PM PM PM: Who have the best sounding jingle and so far “Only We Care” is out in front.

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist I:  I agree and whole day I only humming that tune. I don’t like howPM PM PM Have to Goe” and “Goe Nah” does sound. Dem song too rude!

PM PM PM: Thank you for your honesty and intelligence.

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist I: Coming from you, I can hardly contain my blushing.

PM PM PM: Thank you

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist I: So what’s in store for the Nation for the next 5 years?

PM PM PM: The same old, same old only more of the same old.

Mr. Doe-Doe-Head Journalist II: Impressive!

PM PM PM: You telling me!

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