What Rowlee said bout Pathos

Pathos gets the info on Rowlee’s long awaited speech from one of his advisers.

Adviser to Pathos: Rowlee call yuh de captain of the ship

Pathos: Aye! That Good! Ah knoe he woulda see de lite

Adviser to Pathos: He say this is not the time to throw de captain overboard.

Pathos: Go on.

Adviser to Pathos: He say there will be enough time for court martial wen de ship dry dock

Pathos: Who de ass he talking bout court martialing ? Collom nah? Sometime ah doe noe why Collom doe hush he mouth.

Adviser to Pathos: No Sir, I think he was referring to you.

Pathos: God man, he start back he chuidness again. Dat man is a real ole dog yes.

Adviser to Pathos: Yes Sir, and at the end of he speech he say Uff, Uff, Uff

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7 thoughts on “What Rowlee said bout Pathos

  1. The captain doesn’t desert when ship is going into battle.

    The big dog doh leave wen de pompek in he yard in a fight. He does jump een an help de small dog. Then when he ready. Mash up Pompek too! Lawd!

  2. LOLOL! Rowley is my bwoy!

    Someone has to tell the UNCOP that paying Google or whoever to stick Kamla’s and Dookeran’s face in MY face with their Internet ads thus ruining my browsing experience is not going to get them my vote. As a matter of fact, it’s more likely to ensure the opposite.

    I don’t want to be reminded every time I go online that I have a choice between a corrupt regime headed by a delusional megalomaniac and a corrupt regime headed by a bunch of fools.

    Rant over.

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