What Rowlee said bout Pathos

Pathos gets the info on Rowlee’s long awaited speech from one of his advisers.

Adviser to Pathos: Rowlee call yuh de captain of the ship

Pathos: Aye! That Good! Ah knoe he woulda see de lite

Adviser to Pathos: He say this is not the time to throw de captain overboard.

Pathos: Go on.

Adviser to Pathos: He say there will be enough time for court martial wen de ship dry dock

Pathos: Who de ass he talking bout court martialing ? Collom nah? Sometime ah doe noe why Collom doe hush he mouth.

Adviser to Pathos: No Sir, I think he was referring to you.

Pathos: God man, he start back he chuidness again. Dat man is a real ole dog yes.

Adviser to Pathos: Yes Sir, and at the end of he speech he say Uff, Uff, Uff

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