Elections in Trinidad and Tobago – Time For a Party

The ruling party is hoping that the bribe of freshly paved roads and an increase in old age pension grants will secure enough votes to win the general election on May 24th thus delaying or eliminating the need for certain big boys to go to jail. Only the gullible will think the money for these reelections schemes came from the pockets of politicians and not the pockets of citizens.  Most of the population was grateful to the Government for throwing some money their way and not throwing more money at the Malaysians, the Chinese, the Summits, the undulating stadium or other forms of corruption. The crowds at the ruling party’s and opposition partnership party’s rallies on Sunday seemed big though the Coalition’s crowd seemed larger from TV. If popular support won elections then the ruling party should be scared – it doesn’t but they are.

The competition for votes to stay out of jail is vicious and the Government seem to have made a decision to let the public know what it has accomplished via  expensive full-page ads and TV spots paid for using taxpayers’ dollars. This shows what the ruling party’s stand on integrity is but few will care.  Fortunately, the ruling party is loved by many contractors for their stance on the issue of spending taxpayer’s money corruptly.

The fallout from a general elections is considerable and if the ruling party loses the election many who are now Government Ministers will  be wondering how they will survive on no income, little skill and no Bus Route Pass. Some, who now live in mansions or hotels, may have to settle for a little town house somewhere or a big condo or jail cell somewhere else. The retention of power is not just about being in a position to meddle in things that will keep people prison-free but about losing the position of being a super bully. But these are still early days and the bullies may still end up with the power to bully any citizen they choose.

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7 thoughts on “Elections in Trinidad and Tobago – Time For a Party

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  2. …. in all de years I livin where I livin ….. I never before see my road get pave …. if you see how smooth de ting is now ….. yes …. like Rowley organise tuh have it paved (last week) …….. an’ it have meh speedin ….. fuss it nice …..

    but da’is joke …. you know what he do two years ago …. tuh get we vote …. he add on de word ‘Heights’ on tuh we street name …. so one day we was livin on ‘ABC Street’ …. and de next day we was livin on ‘ABC Street Heights’ …. we were elevated …. now da’is ah real heights …..

    • The Street I live on hasn’t been paved buy it doesn’t need paving. Maybe the roads only appear to be smoother than ever because they haven’t been paved for so long. But you are luckier than most since you got a free street name upgrade without even burning a single tire or mattress 😉

  3. LOL! Great pic! We should get that book into circulation soon lol.
    It’s nice to see the people of Trinidad coming out in their creative elements to fight this battle.
    This here is one of my favs actually, thought you would enjoy it if you haven’t seen it already!

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