What Makes a Woman Sexy Besides Breasts

G-String or Thong as seen in Wikipedia - Tingly sensations will follow

Every man knows a sexy woman when he sees one but may not know why he finds her hot, thinking it’s just breasts again or that dental floss g-string. Those feelings which a man gets that tells him a woman is desirable are biological and beyond his desire to control. It’s not a g-string clothed butt in isolation which triggers a man’s excitement but  a part of the man’s brain which is used for, of all things, CXC maths exams to work out ratios.

Sexy at Maracas Bay - Trinidad

When a man sees a woman with an exposed navel the ratio-lobe in his brain subconsciously and accurately does the following math:  – ground to navel distance (including stilettos) divided by the navel to top of head distance (including hair piece and/or tiara). If that ratio works out to be approximately 1.6180339887 the woman is classified as sexy and the man’s brain quickly sends those tingly, sexy sensations to the appropriate male areas of the body. The male brain, being sex driven and little else, becomes happy and records in the back of his mind the image of that sexy woman for later use. A woman with the right ratios alone doesn’t make sexy and when she turns around so that the man’s eyes can finally see the woman’s face, a similar computation is done using the distance between the woman’s eyes and the length of the nose, length of smile, twist of the teeth and pimple placement. This facial calculation determines beauty, a part of sexiness.  This concept of total mathematical sexiness gave rise to the popular saying “She looked good until I did the math.”

Trinidad and Tobago Sexy - thanks mayarobeach.com

Trinidad and Tobago Sexy - thanks mayarobeach.com

Fortunately, most men do not find a perfect female body to be the only form of sexiness and there are as many variations as there are short skirts and low-cut tops. To describe all these variations is beyond the scope of this blog post and author’s intelligence. However, there is one form of sexiness that hasn’t been analyzed mathematically and only empirically and that is the roll of the hips by a woman when walking towards or away from a man on either a normal work day or Carnival days. That hip roll, sway, gyration or wine can easily fill a man’s head with stimulating thoughts for days. Because most people realize how important the female hip roll is to world population growth, belly dancers and our local winer guls are held in high esteem in all countries. The term belly dancer is really a misnomer and to be a good belly dancer a woman should not have much of a belly but  be a slave to the gym, low-calorie diets and waxing warm.

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18 thoughts on “What Makes a Woman Sexy Besides Breasts

  1. Being mathematically challenged …. Maybe I’ll have to send you my measurements so you can tell me if I’m sexy!!! LOL……. Even so, I’m glad to see no mention of implants and makeup as being part of what a man will define as being sexy.

    • Implants and surgery should only be done if it improves the ratio since sexy is initially visual.

      I suppose men who are not into math will mistake a theoretically unsexy woman for a sexy one, and vice-versa 😉

  2. What about short women though? lol..like Shakira..and compare her to a tall model who is just as cute… don’t some men find short women sexier?

    • Yes, some men do prefer short women and men always like women that are shorter than they are. I suppose the proportions are important and not the height. A six foot tall woman is scary compared to a five foot beauty 😉

  3. “A six foot tall woman is scary…”

    Ha. My mother is a six foot beauty who has had men making fools of themselves over her all her life. She’s 74 and still looks incredible. Scary is as scary does. 😀

    • I know a few six-foo tall women who are and were models. The scary part is not in the height alone but in the ability to turn heads their way without trying – that is really scary for a man seeking exclusive rights 😉 For a man, sexy must be manageable to be enjoyed 😉

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