Ishmael Samad – Another Citizen Supreme

Ishmael Samad

Ishmael Samad attempted to make either a symbolic or real citizen’s arrest of Calder Hart using a well constructed sledge hammer on Mr. Hart’s gate. The incident was seen on the 7’oclock news and the blows to the gate showed that the decorative pieces on the gate were poorly welded on. If I were Calder Hart, I would have blown a fuse and immediately have a stern word with the welder. What I think is more worrying is that, for the country’s sake, I hope the welder was not involved in welding at any of the country’s newest jewels put together by Mr. Hart, and possibly, his friends and family. I also pray, for worshipers sake, this welder did not fabricate anything for the church in Gunapo.

The press reported that the police was on the scene within 15 minutes and Mr. Samad was held for questioning for over an hour, the same length of time the Anti Corruption Bureau spent “interrogating” Mr. Hart. The difference between Mr. Hart and Mr. Samad is that Mr. Hart flew back to Miami and Mr. Samad was hopefully released on bail. I am sure when certain Government officials hear about this latest attack on the gate of this outstanding citizen’s home, a fit will be thrown since they may have also used the same welder. Mr. Samad did not resist arrest and went on the tray of the police pickup under police orders which is not an approved or safe way of transporting people. But this is Trinidad and Tobago where lawlessness of Police Officers is as common as dry taps, bush fires and an unfinished billion-dollar stadium.

I think Mr. Samad was brave to do what he did and many citizens, fed up of the Government’s inability to arrest Government’s contempt towards the public, must be proud of Mr. Samad’s actions. Mr. Samad now joins the ranks of Percy Villafana as yet another Citizen Supreme.  The Government will no doubt call Samad’s actions wrong and may even consider it an act of terrorism by those who are now quaking in their boots. What the Government will fail to say and realize is that the actions of Mr. Samad was understandable  given the public’s perception that this Government was the most corrupt in the nation’s history. The public also holds the view this Government will do anything to promote and encourage dishonesty in dealing with the public’s purse. Mr Samad’s actions is not an everyday occurrence and it is as a result of the level of frustration most citizen’s are feeling about what is seen as the intentional mismanagement of the country’s resources for the good of a chosen few.

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15 thoughts on “Ishmael Samad – Another Citizen Supreme

  1. Why should the government arrest Calder Hart? He has not been charged with anything. I hold no brief for the PMNMbut I do not support a lynch mob mentality. Apparently Hart lied to the Uff commission & the fax # issue implies he has a financial interest in Sunway, but more needs to be investigated to make a case.
    I also suggest that the money trail be followed to its conclusion which undoubtedly lies deep within the PNM. Trinidadians are hugely superficial and are easily satisfied with a sacrificial lamb. Calder Hart, like John O’Halloran is simply the bag man for the PNM.
    Samad committed a crime by damaging another persons property & should be charged. I condemn his approach

  2. The Government cannot arrest Hart but the police can if they have enough evidence. As simplistic as the public is, the public is saying they are frustrated in the way things went with the finances over the last few years and to use a common phrase these days, want justice. Everybody knows what Samad did was wrong but he expressed with his sledge hammer the mood of the public. I don’t condone his approach and if i did I would also be there with my sledge hammer.

    There is a feeling Hart can lead the police to the pot of stolen gold at the end of the rainbow but there is also a feeling the police is taking sides, the wrong sides, in this matter. Again, just the public perception.

  3. Samad do Hart ah favour ….. cuz at least he was able tuh lick way dem ugly ass gold pieces in de gate …. dem tings needed tuh go …..

  4. This is the most corrupt government in our nations history? Are you mentally retarded or just trying to mislead your uneducated readers? The UNC spent 1.6 BILLION dollars of our money on a 600 million airport. Panday along with other UNC members are still on trial for this rampant corruption. Panday has multi-million dollar real estate in England, and 10 million dollars in a bank account in London. If Calder Hart really is corrupt, it is him alone. The government can’t be held responsible for his actions. Yes they should have monitored UDecott better, but hind sight is 20/20. And if you can give me a valid reason to vote for UNCOP (is that right? who cares) I will, but it must have nothing to do with PNM and it must be factual. good luck

    • “He (Dr. Rowley) said the UDeCOTT fiasco looked at least ten times worse than the alleged corruption in the construction of the Piarco International Airport.” ~ Trinidad Guardian, 13 Mar 2010 quoting Dr. Keith Rowley in Parliament the day before.

      The Prime Minister defended UDeCOTT at least 45 times in public. Many of those times were after allegations of corruption were made by those in the know.

      So, I am in good company with this mental retardation thing and it feels a bit nice, I have to admit 😉

      Any thoughts about the church in the Heights of Gunapo, the massive street lighting project or even the never-to-be-complete billion dollar stadium in Tourouba?

      I think the problem with corruption in this country is not corruption itself but who is corrupt.

      • I’ve highlight more on corrupt practices on my blog than most bloggers, if true_trini cares to look.

        I mean, we have JJ, Monteil, Manning junior, junior sammy, karamath, neelanda rampaul, hart, shermie mcnicolls, etc etc…

        True trini indeed, with a Monkey Island attitude, i.e. see no evil, hear no evil, but spreading rumours… sigh

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