Corruption in Trinidad and Tobago – Setting New Standards

According to Wikipedia, the word corrupt is “Middle English, from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, to destroy.” It goes on to say that there are as many types of corruption as there are things worth thieving or tiefing as it is commonly called and done in Trinidad and Tobago.  It seems corruption, apart from destroying the country, boost the sales of expensive cars giving the gullible public the impression they were acquired through working smarter not harder.

Trinidad and Tobago is seen by the world as a very corrupt place and good for doing business.  Despite the public being unable to participate in the big corrupt activities planned by the Government, corruption continued in full swing in Trinidad and Tobago when a Top Government Official signed agreements on behalf of the people of the country with Foreign Companies sympathetic to the needs of the Government Official. The Foreign Companies were handpicked to provide expensive but useless things to the citizens. The Official had decided on the projects because the projects were both unnecessary, and subject to as many cost overruns as the tax payers could handle with the new property tax. The delivery of the projects could be delayed infinitely as nobody would need the finished product anyway. The skimming-off factor (the amount of money that unofficially comes from the treasury and goes into corrupt pockets) was decided based on a cost estimate from two people; a foreign sounding friend and a woman profiteer who could put strange things into the Official’s head despite its small size because it was empty as a plundered treasury.

In the latest known corruption episode of the country, the stools made proper contact with the ceiling fan causing the Foreign Friend to runaway and the profiteer to miraculously not be found. Apparently the police was looking for the foreigner in slow motion and the press was looking for the profiteer. Then, quite unexpectedly, the Foreign Friend returned, holding an accomplice’s hand, to attend to some family matters with the police but no warrant for Foreign Friend’s arrest  is expected to be issued until he flees the country again as the rumor also suggests he holds secrets that could flush many people down the toilet from hell.

Never ask what you can do for your country, but always ask what the Chinese, Malaysians and Canadians can do to it ~ aka_lol

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