For the new CEO of WASA

The Trinidad Guardian's reporters caught WASA doing the unspeakable during the worse drought the country has ever seen – Heads should roll and end up in jail.

WASA is an organization that lacks the technical competence the country needs for development and has no moral authority to finger the public as criminals when it is WASA’s officials, who should, for the very least, end up in jail for filling up the incoming CEO’s swimming pool with scarce water.

The incoming, foreign CEO of WASA should demand to live in a house with a swimming pool where his wife cannot be photographed by Guardian reporters in her swimsuit or bikini. The CEO of WASA should live in rural South Trinidad so that he, or possibly, she would understand what lack of service to customers mean and how to bathe with half a bucket of water. He should take a drive along Gordon, Ragbir, and Warner Streets in St. Augustine and also El Dorado Road and the Main Road near Curepe Junction to see the amount of water leaks that have existed for weeks and months without even the slightest bit of attention being paid to them by WASA during this period of severe drought. The CEO should then find the rum shop the leak inspectors hang out in during working hours and sit down and get drunk.  He should also investigate why contractors have to be sent three and four times in one month to have the same leak repaired – they are probably being paid per visit that is why. He should find out if there is any collusion between WASA pump employees and leak contractors to jack up water pressures just to burst pipes and milk the country dry.

The new CEO will probably not be successful since dedication to work is not the culture of most of the remaining WASA employees. He will discover many talkers and very little doers. The new, foreign CEO of WASA will probably end up like most expats in the country and party with young and pretty local girls till dawn. If WASA has a clear vision for the organization and its employees have a sense of how important the organization is to the country, the public would be surprised since almost none of their actions to date suggest that. WASA is an organization which runs on PR and not performance.  From what the public is hearing when they try to get water from their taps, WASA is only concerned about getting money from consumers and the Government to feed smart-men contractors who only appear to do something while actually doing nothing over and over.

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