Swiffer Justice in Trinidad and Tobago

The citizens of Trinidad and Tobago have been hounding the Government down for years to provide swift justice but today, in Parliament, the Minister of Public Administration, on two occasions, clearly said the Government aims to provide citizens with Swiffer justice. The Minister, an educated man who worships Chinese tile floors the Prime Minister walks on, left citizens puzzled as he did not say how a device which cleans up to 50% more dirt, dust, and cat hair than a broom will improve the criminal justice system.

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9 thoughts on “Swiffer Justice in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Umm, your link to his biography says he is an RC priest.

    Did Father Plagiarism, I mean Charles, not say he resigned because RC canons did not allow him to hold public office? Isn’t he still a priest holding public office?

    Are there different rules within the RC church for different folks? I am really at a loss here. Help!!

  2. dais because swifter doh really do the job all that good…it is still leave back 50% dust, grime, dirt, and cat hair for yuh! so it in really doing nothing eh…

  3. Painful. Just painful. Like the way they all insist on saying inDOStry, no matter how many times it’s pointed out to them that the word is INdustry. Etc etc.

    I thought it was just the former English teachers among us who cringe, but swiffer? Groan. 😦

  4. It is not surprising that politicians are out of touch with the people ant their own words. Maybe in the Dictionary of Political Wordsmanship the ‘t’ is silent.

  5. I can only imagine Conrad saying to the press that the mispronunciation of words in no way damages the ruling party or our international image as losers.

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