The iPad is not a Tampon

Apple is trying to change the world again with the announcement of the iPad, a tablet, touch-screen PC that looks like an iPhone for old people. When iFirst heard Apple was going to launch a tablet PC, iThought of the name iTablet but iSuppose that was too druggy for Apple. But when iHeard Apple called the device iPad, iImmediately thought of tampons and iAm a man. iThink Apple has unwittingly provided  fodder for stand up comedians and may have to change the name to something like iTouch-Big, iMoses or iAintKnow.

On the iPad, people will be able to do almost everything a touch-screen laptop can do, including porn, without being able to fold it in. The iPhone, iPod and the iTouch were game changers but the iPad might be the long anticipated flop Apple’s critics and competitors were waiting for. From what iRead, the iPad offers no advantage over a laptop other than it looks not-too-trendy. Apple people are noted for using Apple devices to make an ego statement and are the type who is fond of being envied. Nobody is going to spend money on a device, regardless of how functional it is, if they are going to be called Moses by strangers while waiting at the airport.


33 thoughts on “The iPad is not a Tampon

  1. iAm speechless

    this new tech bridges the gap between the smartphone and netbook… many possibilities and iAm sure that Apple has some more instore…


  2. I’m glad the i Pad is not a tampon! If it was I would rather use the i Pussy clot.:-)
    Seriously though, it looks very nice and is easy on the old eyes. Looks like it has lots of potential and might be the i Retiree phone of the future.

  3. iDoh know if iWant it.
    But then I am not one of those who wants smart phones or other such devices. So it’s probably not the iTem for me.
    When I saw the photo, I immediately saw in my head sketches with people holding up these things to their heads, like cell phones.

  4. iTem – Good one 🙂

    The massive iPad-to-head vision is also what first came to mind and never left 🙂 iThink Steve Jobs is either suffering from or enjoying the Moses complex :mrgreen:

  5. iWaiting to see how this goes. iThinking about ebooks these days and the ebook app for this looks like the friendliest iSee to date. My question: Will it leave Kindle dead in the water?

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