A Letter From a Tax Lover Found Only in Trinidad and Tobago

Dear Sirs and Madams of this Government,

I can’t begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to paying a higher property tax. I and hundreds of thousands of other citizens, known as the majority, are thrilled at the thought of giving more money to the Government to use in any way the Prime Minister sees fit, including private jet, big flag, useless conferences, house drapes, the Australians, the Chinese and Mr. Hart’s salary. I don’t expect you to use any of this newly discovered money on sick children since you  have proven over and over you have a big, big  Hart.

I know you instructed your scarcely literate police officers to guard Parliament with batons and guns to ensure unarmed protesters don’t embarrass the Government more than it is already embarrassed.  I hope these unpatriotic citizens learnt their lesson and will now put their proverbial tails between their proverbial legs and watch the show on TV next time.

Since I was a boy, I, like the majority of citizens who were unable to take a bribe because none was ever offered or just too honest, would delightfully drool at the thought of paying higher taxes to the Government. I am still not sure if I get the most excitement from paying a higher existing tax or paying a new tax. That is such a toss up. I like paying taxes so much that I sometimes throw my money down a fast running drain during the flood season to simulate the same effect. I once threw a hundred dollar bill in a stagnant drain near my home and after a year it remained just where I left it except it turned green – that’s probably a sign of the future devaluation of our money – blue to green.  I am also just as excited about the inevitable devaluation due to the expenditure on boats and drapes, as I am about the taxes. I only wish you could see how much my spine is tingling right now just thinking about it.

I thank you, my Government, for making my boyhood dream a reality, and though I might be poorer because of  more and new taxes, I feel richer because I know whose pockets the taxes will go into.

Delightly and painfully yours,

aka_lol – a Tax Lover

Tax Arrest – Trinidad Express

Tax Arrest – Cops Rain Blows on Union Membes – Trinidad Guardian

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14 thoughts on “A Letter From a Tax Lover Found Only in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. well from blue to green doesnt seem as bad as the HYATT on the CHOGM notes becoming the HILTON… if you turn the note upside-down it isnt even worth a cent…

    i see alot of properties that will soon become part of the GRABBAMENT…

  2. i think the idiots in government and their asinine supporters have forgotten that government exists to increase the quality of life of their citizens. after decades of oil money i think we’re worse off now than we were in the eighties or seventies….

    • The die hard supporters of the PNM and the UNC are not rational people, just greedy, full of insecurity and plenty papers to shred. If we are not worse off it will come soon once the Government continues its policies based on delusions and ego.

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  4. Whilst the Police with brute force oppress citizens outside the Parliament, inside the Parliament, Ministers were laughing and asking how much was there outside, twelve??? (Le Gendre).
    The minister of Finance indicated that most people are in support of the property tax, this according to PNM constituency meetings, (well that says it all). But let’s assume this is true and considering what happened outside the Parliament on Friday, it means that there are those who support the tax and …then there are those who are beaten into submission.

    This Govnt would do anything to carryout it’s “mandate” (which by the way has nothing to do with improving our lives. But there are a blind few that continue to defend this “evidently corrupt” regime, they ask “who we go put” but knew exactly who to put when the UNC squandered our resources, other say the PNM is the lesser of the evils, may god (if he exist) help us. There is a slogan “PNM til ah dead” well hear mine “anti-PNM about to dead”

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