Wonderful Copenhagen

Kevin Baldeosingh recommended a couple of weeks ago that we breathe slower to reduce the rate of carbon dioxide emissions and as much as I believe there is a sizable hole in the ozone layer, I would prefer to breath with my usual,sexy, heavy breath.  I would also recommend Tiger Woods be kept away from that hole since it doesn’t need any more screwing up.

I don’t know what our environmentally-friendly Prime Minister will take to Copenhagen to the climate conference, but I am sure nobody will care, unless he agrees to buy more and better Danish cookies for his people. The point of this blog post is not to point out the evils of bulldozing hundreds of acres of lush, green forest in Trinidad to build an aluminum smelter but to point out that Danish Butter Cookies probably outsells the national cracker, Crix, and therefore, has the potential to drain the country’s foreign exchange reserves while clogging up the arteries of local cookie eaters. Danish Butter Cookies are not a problem in Copenhagen since a large percentage of its residents uses bicycles and doesn’t believe in god. We have the opposite problem in Trinidad and Tobago where to get to anywhere we jump in a car and pray for no traffic.

If world leaders are serious about saving their people and reducing carbon dioxide emissions,  I would recommend these leaders find out what makes their people want to have sex without condoms and overeat cookies, and put a stop to the practice.  Sex, or at least good sex without condoms, and cookie eating was always bad for the planet but only now we know why.

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6 thoughts on “Wonderful Copenhagen

  1. yuh tink CRIX have enough holes in em for Tiger?

    and with all that eating the methane produced by way of flatulence and subsequent excrement should be harnessed to be used for electricity generation during the smelting process…

    • Yes, yes, I didn’t think about that. We must keep Crix away from Mr. Woods or Mr’s wood :mrgreen:

      And once agai you are spot on – beans are like a double edge sword – it is better on the world’s resources compared to producing animals for food but the flatulence sorta equalizes in the end.

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