Driving Tiger Woods Away From Home

Before it was alleged that Tiger Woods had one or many affairs with women while he was married he was considered a stud and an amazing golfer. Sponsors flocked at his door, eager for a piece of the action and Tiger was also not adverse to action. He made millions from the likes of Nike, Gatorade and Tag Heuer. I remember seeing a Tag Heuer ad featuring Tiger Woods  and being a Tiger Woods wannabe, rushed out to get one but ended up with something in my price range;  a discounted Timex.

Women idolized Tiger Woods because he represented cool and rich, the two things women aspire in men more than common sense. But all good things eventually hit a tree and a fire hydrant in the early hours of the morning and Tiger was no exception. This tree-and-fire-hydrant-hitting incident by Tiger Woods caused people to speculate that it looked like serious woman trouble. Unable to breaks any longer, Tiger finally admitted he transgressed but did not give the details the press and other detractors were looking for. Now there are rumors that Tiger performed some of his transgressions for two and half years with a cocktail waitress which is not an uncommon dream amongst normal men. These rumors only created more admirers in the form of married and unmarried men as they too wanted to be like Tiger without getting the wood.  The rumors also alleged that Mr. Woods had many other affairs which had girlfriends and wives taking a more self righteous look at the situation and they all wished Tiger dead.

This situation is unfortunate as nobody stopped to ask Tiger if he found women as exciting as hitting a hole-in-one. Nobody stopped to ask Tiger if he was a normal, unhappy man who found transgression a path to happiness and a necessary part of being found irresistibly sexy by sexy women. Nobody stopped to ask the priest if he liked children or the occasional nun either. I don’t know if Tiger Woods will lose sponsorship from the other self righteous set of people in the world, corporations, but I will not buy any products made by companies that drop Tiger Woods because there is always a deeper reason for transgressing than being a rich, famous, sexy man nicknamed Woods.

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19 thoughts on “Driving Tiger Woods Away From Home

  1. good points. i find women more exciting than golf, if i were unhappy in my marriage, i’d transgress as well. can’t blame him really. i wonder if Trojan will pick him up as a sponsor?

  2. Lol , I can see him as the new poster man-child for Trojans.:)
    I do not know the man nor his wife. Could be that he lack’s emotional intelligence or is a sex addict. Anything is possible.
    I know one thing, if that lil shit was my man he would be called Tiger Deadwood by now!

  3. Obscurealien, if one is unhappy in one’s marriage he should transgress? The logic of the male is such a myth. If I’m unhappy in my marriage I’d try to fix it or end it. I don’t see how serial infidelity helps anyone or anything, and I wonder how you’d feel about your wife trying the same remedy. Not that I’m self righteous or anything… O_O


    I have a theory I haven’t heard anyone mention as yet, so I’ll play psychologist and add my (useless) opinion to the myriads out there. Tiger Woods does not seem like an imbecile to me, so he either has zero control over his sexual appetites, or he consciously or subconsciously wanted to bring down the entire house of cards. Maybe he felt trapped in a life that was not of his own making, and this was his way of rebelling. He wouldn’t be the first to have gone this route.

    • I think Obscurealien was being sarcastic.

      Your theory about being trapped in a life that was not really of his making or expectations is probably the reason he choose womanizing instead of counseling. I mean womanizing is never the answer to any question but it remains fun and exciting if not discovered. If Tiger were single he would never have the need to womanize to express his confusion. I am not in support of Tiger’s escapades but the thrill of having someone to look after his children while he screws another must be even more exciting than winning a PGA Championship.

      • I hope he was being sarcastic. I blame my knee-jerk response on the high-octane emotionality of the subject. :/

        I think we have all transgressed in one form or another, and to one degree or another, and yes, it is exciting. If the powers that be wanted us to be good little monogamists they should at least have made that option as exciting as all the others out there. 😦

  4. I agree with you Liane, if you’re unhappy in your marriage try to fix it or end it! If you’re not the monogamous type, do not get married in the first place.
    As it is, condoms are not 100 percent safe so you are taking a great risk, on top of it he picked a porn star (in that field of employment the aids ratio is very high).
    The women are coming out one after the other, dishing out the news on him and making a lil money,lol . The manchild did not even have enough sense to pick one who knows the meaning of confidentiality.:-)

    • I would tend to blame fame and the fact that Tiger Woods made over a billion dollars so far in his short life – an amount that he probably never imagined having. Getting rich quick has its problems and I think his girlfriends went after the money not the man.

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