Pressure Washing Away Trinidad and Tobago

The visible signs of success in Trinidad and Tobago used to be having a big foreign-used car, a thin cell phone and a plane ticket to Miami, but the list just got longer with the addition of the pressure washer. Almost every  household in Trinidad and Tobago now boast a pressure washer with nosy neighbors peeping into yards to see how much moss still resides in their neighbors’ driveways. Most citizens in Trinidad and Tobago consider household moss a serious condition and to some, a condition as serious as Government people awarding Government contracts to family members. Now, when neighbors meet the conversations always start with the new property tax but ends up with a discussion about how much PSI they get from their pressure washers and whether it is gas or electric from Bagwansingh’s. Neighbors with a gas pressure washer feel they have the advantage over those neighbors owning the electric variety since gas makes more impressive noises than the Blimp and  is just as useful in combating crime.

Pressure washers, especially gas washers, are as noisy as lawn mowers and it takes roughly eight hours to pressure wash one driveway and send four neighbors insane. Pressure washers are like cell phones and once you use it you are hooked – it’s like driveway porn. If it were possible for WASA to be disturbed I am sure they would be concerned by the popularity of the pressure washer and the way it uses water without sending up customers’ water bills. Unfortunately, WASA is yet to discover that meters are important in preventing whole day pressure washing episodes which is threatening to become a serious drain on the nation’s water like the Government is on the treasury. When people buy and use air conditioning, they pay T&TEC for the privilege, but when people pressure wash, only the moss and taxpayers pay.

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12 thoughts on “Pressure Washing Away Trinidad and Tobago

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  2. haaaaa!!!!! i feel like you living in my old neighbourhood!! although we occasionally had the added attraction of a gas powered remote control car and of course the usual lawnmowers, grasscutters, noisy ppl, noisy cars, ice cream/sno cone truck, fish van, ‘dirt’ van, death/political announcement car, wedding, dance class, dance class party, neighbour party….and this is a ‘residential’ area. lol

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    • It’s just that I saw the IP for the comment and it said somewhere in Europe. Central could be noisy like the rest of TnT. Now we have the blimp and the power washers to worry about.

  4. Having been subjected to power washer noise pollution yesterday I feel your pain. I don’t know how bad household bleach is for the environment, but I buy a couple gallons, pour it over the moss and spread with a broom. Leave for fifteen minutes or so then wash away, and the concrete looks like new.

    Silent and efficient, but I don’t suppose it impresses the neighbours one bit.

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