The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide by aka_lol – Part 1

When it comes to giving gifts the concept of it is the thought that counts is crap. That idea has outlived its usefulness since the Trojans and in today’s materialistic world, money is much better than making love. Thoughts come easy and to some, a little too easy that is why when it comes to giving, nobody really cares what you think. But even with money and Amazon reviews, choosing the right gift can be a problem and it’s still too easy to buy expensive junk because China commissions one coal-fired power station every week to supply electricity to factories making Christmas gifts for the world. Since advice on gift buying at Christmas time is as useful as a smashed car windscreen, I decided to add my advice to the list.


For the man who has everything including an ornamental girlfriend or wife, I would recommend the Leica S-System’s Interchangeable Lens Camera with 3 inch LCD with Sapphire LCD Cover Glass and Platinum Service Package. If your man thinks he is serious about photography and has outgrown making sex tapes, then the Leica S2, which can be pre-ordered at Amazon for US$27, 995 plus shipping, is the gift to get. Naturally, you will have to order a lens or lenses separately and prices range from around US$5,000 to God knows how much. Always remember, if you give a Leica S2 with lens, hopefully you won’t have to give much else until Boxing Day at night.


For the Woman who is anxious to please you instead of cook and clean,  there is not much to think about. Instead of giving the woman in your life a reason to chase after you with a golf club in the wee hours of the morning because you transgressed with a cocktail waitress,  I recommend  something that can be used to prevent, or minimize further transgressions – the Victoria Secret Sexy Little Things® NEW! Lace-up thong. It looks like, and sells for next to nothing so you will not regret it as it is also easy to wrap and stuff in your back pocket in cases of emergency.

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14 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide by aka_lol – Part 1

  1. ROFL,I almost fell of my chair when I saw the price of the camera.
    It’s best you make sure that you know the persons taste before you run out and buy anything. I personally would not appreciate “Buttfloss”undies:-) Some things are indeed priceless. Someone once wrote a poem for me and I loved that more than any expensive gift.

    • A professional Leica is like a Rolls Royce, if you have to ask the price you probably would have to steal it.

      The “Butterfloss” undies was engineered by a man to fulfill his impression of a woman’s need 😉

      I wish I could write good poetry since it’s the best gift without a price.

  2. yes. i’ll just call the bank and ask them to up my credit limit to about US$40,000 just for the season…then run far far away where no one can find me to prosecute (Miami?). I mean, surely I can make back that money from photography – everyone knows it’s super lucrative 😉

    • I already have an ad campaign outlined and it goes something like this “Please, please buy my photos at a double premium price as I have to make payments on my Leica” :mrgreen:

    • The design concept took three things into consideration; how it looks when on, how easy it comes off, and finally, the ease of putting in a back pocket or flinging in the air. And you are right, staying on for long was never the desire 😉

  3. Man, I’m in the wrong business… If I can sell one camera like this in December I’ll probably have enough to buy a few of gift 2 for ten/eleven ladies – Tiger W

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