The Fed Up 69% – Trinidad and Tobago

As is normal with international gatherings of world leaders and hot air, a group who knows Trinidad and Tobago better than any foreign or local politician has taken out a full-page ad to alert leaders about impostors amongst their midst. Impostors who scarcely understand the game of cricket despite living in the West Indies for too long. I am not fed up as I am numb. I don’t blame the government for their arrogance towards citizens because arrogance is a byproduct of ignorance and stupidity, not the cause. Politicians are part of society – not the best part though – and have evolved into what they are today because they were misguided into thinking they have the divine right to do as they please, as if Trinidad and Tobago was not a democracy.  We have a leader, when armed with two lines of data, thinks he has volumes of knowledge but what he really has is a misunderstanding of public sentiment and a most compliant police service who will protect and serve only one master.

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17 thoughts on “The Fed Up 69% – Trinidad and Tobago

  1. the trouble is, when these fellas gon get voted out, and (hopefully ) when they do, who d hell is gon clean up after them? government mismanagement and waste should be our new watchwords

    • I am not sure who placed the ad but it may be a group. Who will stand behind the group will depend who is leading the group and how many policemen with riot gear and machine guns are facing the group.

      • Well if it’s a group that’s even better, I hope it is. It will be easy for any government to silence one person but with several people it’s not that easy.

  2. i didnt want to comment on this unno coz at first i tort it was aka who put out that ad.. then i remember there was some talk of not being able to pay for certain services…

    in the end 69% of anything results in very little change… especially when it comes to people… it only represents that we are all parasites… sucking on each other… coming up for the occasional breath of air… its all that we can do to survive…

    so until more people become disenchanted/disenfranchised PM PM can go to Copenhagen and maybe voted off the island

    • In the coming days and weeks, PM PM will be getting so much climate lix I almost feel it wouldn’t be enough. The man is a well known hypocrite when it comes to caring for the environment and the people he rules. His ego is now so inflated that any opposition to his way of “thinking” will me met with even more victimization and in many new forms – that’s his style due to weakness.

      I am part of the 69% but not the ad because, as Bandi probably knows well, cost increases in certain services left me with less discretionary income.

      • I’m also part of the 69% and I applaud the ad by whoever has the discretionary income to afford it.

        akalol, maybe you should cut back a bit on those, um, services. There are cheaper substitutes for most things these days. They’re usually made of plastic, though… 😀

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