Axe The Tax FAQ – Trinidad and Tobago


As the Axe the Tax March gets set for Woodford Square on Saturday, this blog decided to clear the air on the not-so-new property tax that has angered homeowners into an angry fireball. Citizens, despite cursing and more cursing, were about to resign themselves to paying the much higher property tax when, out of nowhere, a flagpole appeared.  Here is the untold story about that property tax.

1.         Who is responsible for valuing my property?

The Government.

2.         Is Property Tax a new tax?

No, but they way you will feel about it will be new, especially after you get your first tax bill.

3.         How is the value of my property calculated?

It depends on the design, room space, quality of utilities, party affiliation.

4.         Do all properties in Trinidad and Tobago have rental value?


5.         Will all properties on the same street have the same value?

No, and as we said before in 3, it depends

6.         What is my Annual Rental Value?

The value of what the Government feels is your monthly rental times twelve.

7.         How much tax will I have to pay?

As much as the Government feels you could afford.

8.         Do owners of Government Houses have to pay property tax?

Yes but the value will be a mere pittance compared to those who by nature of their politics were unable to get Government housing.

9.         What will the money collected from property tax be used for?

Mainly San Fernando Hill and flagpoles.

10.       Should I get angry with the Government for taxing me more despite the blatant wastage of taxpayer’s money over the years and well into the foreseeable future?

No, because the Government promise to keep  San Fernando Hill looking pretty

11.       How did the Government decide on how much to increase my property tax by?

The New Property Tax  came to the Minister of Finance when she heard a scream while looking at a football match that  was being played on, of all things, a level playing field. It appeared that in a nearby room, a typical middle class home owner was being  routinely interrogated by the revenue authority to determine how much more he could give the Government without dieing and he screamed out a value of 3% times ARV  less 10% during the waterboading episode. The Minister, desperate for ideas, heard the screams and created the tax.

12.       What can the taxpayer look forward to in the New Year?

Quite a bit; the Government plans to get blood from the middle class stones in the following year.

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Latoya Woods – The New Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe

latoya woods

Stunning winner: Miss T&T/Universe Latoya Woods during the swimsuit segment of the pageant on Sunday night at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad hotel in Port of Spain. - Photo: STEPHEN DOOBAY - Trinidad Express - I hope this is considered fair use by all concerned

Girls with long legs have a definite advantage over the shorter-leg variety as they are seen as being much more beautiful by men; it is a biological thing. Pretty girls are also thought of as being more desirable than unattractive ones as are rich men with loose wallets.

There is a photo of Latoya Woods, the new Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe representative, in the Trinidad Express today showing Latoya lounging on a couch at The Hyatt – a couch I have favorably encountered in the past – and if you didn’t think she was a winner before, this photo will change your mind.  She is easily a stunner with her very pretty face, long legs and other exciting dimensions. I will probably post that photo later if  The  Express, and or, Latoya  promises not to take any legal, or other offensive and painful action, against me.

As I said in a previous post, it must be difficult to choose a Miss Trinidad and Tobago since we are a country full of pretty and exciting girls; some apparently more exciting than others but that is not for this post. I am not sure where or when the next Miss Universe competition will be held as Wikipedia is silent on that issue, but I will be keeping a keen eye on the new competitors, including the usually docile Miss Japan.


This is the photo I was speaking about in the post above - The original photo was published in color but I scanned in black and white

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