Sex Tape – Trinidad and Tobago Style


Do not click!!

One woman by the vegetable stall said she need ah good licking. I just nodded, not wanting to cause confusion. A man next to the bananas asked if I had a copy and I nodded in a funny way.

I don’t know why there is so much fuss about an alleged existence of a leaked sex tape starring a former Miss Trinidad and Tobago because a sex tape is now like a cell phone, everybody has one and some even have one with each service provider. True, some phones are better looking and have more features than others but you soon get over it and want a newer model.

guess-guessApart from seeing how good you look on screen, why would you want to make a sex tape? Maybe it’s to improve technique or maybe it’s to see if you are as hot as you were misled to believe. Hotness is like power, addictive to the point of never wanting to let go and even recruiting extra Chinese if you have to. It really doesn’t matter the reasons why, once you intend the sex tape to be for private turn-on use only then just don’t leave the video unencrypted on a hard drive for it will be found and leaked by the jealous or the insane, or as Bandi said, the computer repair man with a bone to pick. But the lessons of past celebrities don’t always filter down to the newbie so the mistakes must be made over and over, much to the delight of new found fans and admirers.

My advice to anyone who is embarrassed by having a leaked sex tape – don’t worry about it, just hold your head high. Yuh know what ah mean.

p.s. it’s a fake YouTube loader.

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16 thoughts on “Sex Tape – Trinidad and Tobago Style

  1. i dont think the computer repair man was picking any bone… tickling maybe…

    sex tapes have launched ppls careers into higher stratospheres and even helped keep some from crashing back down to earth…

    and i love the fake loader…

  2. “a sex tape is now like a cell phone, everybody has one and some even have one with each service provider”

    LOL ….. ah love it ….. how de heck you does come up wit dem tings boy? 🙂

  3. There’s a fine line between creativity and insanity and we the connoisseurs of the art get to enjoy it pain-free.

    Um, where on earth did you get that fake loader? You almost had me for a moment there. Almost. 😀

  4. U Sir, r the epitome of the ginormous Trini intellect/psyche so brilliantly displayed in your cutting humour and witticisms..I am now an eternal fan!! Thank God, ah find dis site purely by accident, if there are such things as accidents.

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