Barry Bose – A Party Speaker System?

party-speakerThere was once a party speaker system called Barry Bose. Barry Bose was highly recommended by some party people, so the house-owners choose the Barry Bose. They said Barry Bose was a house party speaker system and would faithfully reproduce the type of party music the house owner liked while pretending to reproduce all other types of music faithfully.

One day, there was a party in the house and two of the big house owners got into an argument. A guest in another part of the house heard the commotion and said some things about Barry Bose, and how, as a speaker system, Barry Bose was bad since it couldn’t drown out the squabble. The house owners didn’t like anybody saying bad things about their speaker system though they knew the bad things said were true. The main house owner, never famous for treating his guest well including the Chinese, complained through his propaganda agent, told the guest she was out of place, and that she had too much damn privilege in the house. Well, who tell them say that? To be continued.

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