If You Can’t Beat Them, Shoot Them – The Public Cries

Johnny-abrahams-cops-kills-3Cops Kill 3 Kidnappers appeared to be the best news the crime-battered Trinidad and Tobago public had since hearing their cricket team made it to the 20Twenty finals in India.

From the stories all three newspapers carried, a businessman from Champs Fleur was kidnapped yesterday morning. The police were alerted and soon found the kidnappers’ car and gave chase. According to the newspapers, it was a high speed chase and not a low speed one. The kidnappers, realizing these police officers were heavily armed and not easy, decided to abandon their victim and ran through some bushes to escape fate and possibly some good licks. The kidnappers – young men from Beverly Hills- had guns and concluded, like any good criminal would, that they cannot escape without shooting at the police. Little did these kidnappers know that this team of police officers was being led by ASP Johnny Abraham, a colorful character and a no-nonsense police officer. As the saying goes, a team is as good as its leader so the bandits, lacking leadership and bulletproof vests, succumbed to the several bullet holes they received from Abraham’s team. One kidnapper escaped and I feel it’s only a matter of time before he meets his bullet. I am not saying it is right but I am saying it will happen.

On the heels of this kidnapping and CHOGM, but probably not because of it, a strengthening of the Police Service was announced today by Minister Martin Joseph but not many people noticed or cared.

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4 thoughts on “If You Can’t Beat Them, Shoot Them – The Public Cries

  1. KUDOS to ASP JB squad!

    Shoot first…ask questions later!!!
    “My thinking is that once a criminal takes out the gun, the intention is clear. The police must then act to protect himself or herself and the citizens,” South African President Jacob Zuma

    • Almost all people entering the criminal workforce are issued guns. It is the tool of choice by criminals and has proven very effective in making the criminal life so attractive today. With employment and national savings on the decline along with the need for plenty quick money by the uneducated, unskilled, unloved, and immoral people of this country, then the police have little choice other than returning fire with deadly force. That is where we reach.

  2. Think we could ship the uneducated, unskiled, unloved, and immoral people of the country to a deserted island and let them sought out they problems?

    But wait you forgot to add the jokey politicians to that list.

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