Dykes in Trinidad and Tobago

How Greenhouse Gases Will Affect Trinidad

How Greenhouse Gases Will Affect Trinidad

Due to greenhouse gases, the polar icecaps are melting faster than predicted and if it continues to melt at the current rate, we would need more dykes in Trinidad and Tobago sooner than expected. I am not too worried about the rising sea level not only because I live on a hill but because we in Trinidad and Tobago have a Government that is mega-projects prone and our Prime Minister will soon understand what mega- dykes can do for our country.

dyke-marchThough I didn’t measure it, the seal sea level around the world has been rising faster over the last 100 years that the 2,000 years before those 100 years just mentioned. This rise in sea level has been blamed on the accumulation of greenhouse gases emitted by factories employing people who need to feed their families who will in turn ensure mankind produces future generations of hungry mouths and factory builders. With the rise in sea level in Trinidad and Tobago, it is expected that costal villages like Mayaro may end up in Rio Claro and what is left of Vessigny Beach may end up in Alutrint. Also, with the rise in sea level, the property tax revenue stream will dry up as more properties end up as un-taxable because they will be under flood water.

The sea level rise problem is serious for Trinidad and Tobago and though a TT$16 billion road network is needed because road Ministers and contractors have to live too, we also need proper dykes, not just in South by Mosquito Creek, but all around the country. Don’t let us have to march for dykes, as is done in those 2020 countries.

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9 thoughts on “Dykes in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Don’t worry… they have enough people on the quarries to get stones for dykes… not to pelt but to build.

    I don’t think people are concerned yet… they’re too busy ducking and diving bullets and bad politicians.

  2. Aka your way ahead in your thinking. Let’s hope the politicians read your blog, otherwise they might just wait until major flodding will occur.
    P.S.: I’m glad you did not post this a few weeks ago, I would have misunderstood the headline as I only knew one meaning for the word “Dykes”.:-)

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