Trinidad and Tobago – Crouching PM, Raging Bully

dragon-fly-th1-1Yesterday, as PM PM took to the floor to mash up his former loyal friend and watchdog, Parliament became the #1 entertainment house in the country once again.

To be honest, I don’t care why PM PM fired his Rottweiler since it makes no difference to the Chinese. PM PM suggested the dog got bad, lost his loyalty and became a bully. PM PM cried that for 12 years he had to put up with abusive bullying from his once loyal canine that had developed a nice shiny coat and deadly growl. I thought he was talking about his wife.

I suppose everybody has a breaking point and PM PM said his point came last year just after the Roth got away and allegedly hurled bullying language against some of PM PM’s dear friends and best performers. These loyalists became terrified of the potentially rabid dog bite and ran to PM PM with the news of the Roth’s latest insults. On hearing the news, PM PM said he acted swiftly and put the deadly dog out of his kennel.

Yesterday, the Roth suggested that PM PM, a teetotaler and ballroom dancer, was drunk and he, the Roth, wanted to avoid what PM PM was drinking, but PM PM, in one of the quickest and cleverest comebacks in Parliament’s history, said it was the Good Book he was drunk on.  Cheers and admiration rang out from the adoring crowd and Opposition members, especially from one non-performing Minister sitting behind PM PM known as the 52-inch Wide Screen. Non-performers tend to cheer too much.

PM PM concluded the Opposition and opponents wanted to get his government and that is why they were making up things about his boy from the Hart land. He even suggested a jilted lover had a part to play in this plot to overthrow the country’s progress. Unfortunately, PM PM didn’t say why the vagabonds wanted to do such a shameful thing. Maybe, hate, envy, greed or the new property tax, he didn’t say. What PM PM did with his latest diatribe against his enemies in Parliament was to cement his place at the top until 2020 once his hart, kidney, suspected intelligence and comeback skills hold out.

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