Trinidad and Tobago – The Hidden Truth

Mayaro beach - Tambran BallThe talented people of Trinidad and Tobago will not be attracted to a Prime Minister who is against plundering the public’s purse and such a Prime Minister of integrity will be surrounded by non-performers who will spend the rest of their lives boasting they didn’t thief but yet won’t  be able to show even one community center or public outhouse for all their years of integrity.

Our current Prime Minister and the one before him understood only too well that the public may say they don’t want wasteful, billion-dollar public projects but yet flock in droves around the Waterfront or Centre of Performing Arts with cameras to send pictures back to their family in the States just to impress them. The public would even boast to their foreign family that they don’t have to walk out the plane with umbrellas, raincoats or aluminum foil anymore. We are a society that publicly cries corruption but privately upload mega-project photos on Flickr with misguided pride.

Our recent leaders have recognized true talent and did what had to be done to attract these super talented people. The public understands this. We are more entertained by Commissions of Enquiries than troubled by them.  Without UDECOTT, property tax, murders,  drunk driving, Bailey bridges and The Chinese, I shudder to think what the headlines in the newspapers would be – maybe “Vendor arrested for pedaling oval Tambran Balls – Mayor claims an oval is not a ball. School Principal says he is a fool and threatens a beating” So, as much as we are disgusted by criminals taking over the country, both with guns and foreign bank accounts, we quietly realize it is the only way our small country can get to 2020 status without a private jet.

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8 thoughts on “Trinidad and Tobago – The Hidden Truth

  1. I…..I…..I think I’m falling in love with your writing… :)…Ours is really a shallow degree of concern.

    Although it may not be obvious to the majority, depending on where you work or who you know, you learn A LOT about what goes on behind the scenes.

    Many of the advances (towards Vision 2020) have only come as a result of the Government’s need to operate according to international best practice standards in order to forge international partnerships.

    On one hand I say “HURRAY” because at least things are getting done. On the other hand I feel embarrassed because we as Trinibagonians are supposed to demand those changes and for generations we haven’t.

    The ONLY reason we even have certain laws now is because there are nations who will do no business with us otherwise….not because our citizens have demanded them!!! It’s a shame that we have outside nations to thank for some of the progress we are finally seeing here.

    • Gosh…a former literature teacher is in love…with my writing :blush:

      As you pointed out, if we want to run with the wolves we must play by the rules of the wolves. We are driven by “how it goe look” to the foreigners syndrome and not from any sense of our own direction and decency. We cry down big time thieves but wonder if we could get a contract too. I am cynical and don’t believe we have a whole lot of citizens who want to lead the country without skimming off enough for a first home in Florida. Many people share the ideals of our leaders and I now believe much of the criticism is just window dressing.

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