Kindle now available in Trinidad and Tobago – Yaay!!

bezos_kindleAmazon will finally be offering the Kindle for sale in Trinidad and Tobago from October 19th. It will be sold for US$279 which is about TT$1,775. I am not sure if local customs will classify the Kindle the same as a laptop or computer and charge no taxes or if it will be considered a high-end luxury device and add between 45 to 55 % tax. If  this luxury tax is added it will keep the Kindle, a reading device, out of the reach of anyone who aspires to be a book collector on a budget but especially those who are already saving for the new property taxes and migration fees.

If you don’t know what a Kindle is by now you are probably not passionate about books and have decided to close your mind to new ideas like ebooks and aluminum smelters emitting toxic dust. Kindle is a device and software platform launched by Amazon in November 2007 for reading digital media such as ebooks. The Kindle has been a great success since that time and like the Wii, people had to wait in line to get one. For details on the features of International Kindle, click here and here.

the_raw_feed_on_kindle-BIGThe main argument against the Kindle is that it is not paper and cuddly  and I also thought so until I picked up a 6-inch Kindle and enjoyed reading on it. Still, I don’t think it will replace paper in a hurry despite the fact the world has grown fond of cuddling up with battery powered devices of various sizes for years. The Kindle being offered to international markets will hold about 1,500 books and the rest can be archived by Amazon.  People with the International Kindle in Trinidad and Tobago will be able to buy Kindle books and download them wirelessly and tirelessly with just a click or two. It appears that Amazon will be using the local GSM/GPRS networks from Bmobile and/or Digicel.  Amazon said there will be no charge for using the network in Trinidad and Tobago – you only have to pay for the book.

Kindle_2_-_Front-700Typically, ebooks are cheaper than paper books, and for example,  Cafe au Lait by Liane Spicer sells for US$6.99 in paperback but for US$4.79 in Kindle format. That is about a 30% saving, not including the cost to ship the book to Trinidad via a Caribbean Express box.  The Kindle is tempting because of the lower book prices and it is tree-friendly.  What the Kindle will also do for the book world is reduce the incidents of book borrowing and recovery through threats and violence. The Kindle is a black and white, or more correctly, a few shades of gray device, which would rule out certain types of porn. Still, I am for the Kindle even if it threatens property tax as the main reason for poverty.

Details of Kindle in Trinidad and Tobago

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22 thoughts on “Kindle now available in Trinidad and Tobago – Yaay!!

  1. I read this yesterday online and got so excited! I have wanted a kindle for so long now but due to the wireless situation and the fact that you can only purchase the books with US credit card stopped me, in fact I did not check to see if that US credit card thing was still in effect…runs to check

  2. BOOKWORMS REJOICE!!!! Get in line folks….Let’s not all rush to pre-order. I’ll get mine first and let you guys know how it works out lol 😛

    Thanks for the link Aka. Almost 300,000 books are available to us…not bad at all. I like the idea of Kindle…easy access to books and I get to save some trees 🙂

    • The only problem I have is that not all best sellers are immediately available but that is a small price to pay. Saving trees is good especially if it is a zaboca 😉

    • Yep, it is. But I think with an increase in popularity and competition from other readers like Sony, the price will come down. Amazon says 35% of their book sales is now from Kindle, but that was only the US market. Time will tell how the rest of the world responds to Kindle and ebooks.

  3. Don’t believe everything Amazon tells you. 🙂

    I’m a paper gal myself – despite my claims of being a conservationist – but whatever floats your reading boat…

    • So far it seems so but not that much lower. I understand publishers were/are fighting for a higher price for Kindle books. I am not sure what will happen in the end.

  4. *huge sigh*

    This makes me so excited and scared at the same time… ahhhhhhh!!
    I held a kindle once… and touched the screen … maybe cuz I was spending way too much time finally embracing the touchiness of my then new iTouch.
    I feel as though I would panic ‘not having’ a book… physically, in paper. Not be able to smell it… hold it and ‘cuddle’ it like a lover 🙂 lol
    I have a feeling that I would end up reading the book via kindle, loving the book and ‘wanting’ it and then proceed to buying the actual book just to HAVE… and I have dis odd weakness of lending out books, especially if I love dem. So on the up side, if I don’t get back my paper copy… I’ll always have it on my kindle

    • Every so often I go to my Amazon shopping basket and see how much I am tempted to buy the Kindle. I have to admit, the new Kindle feels like paper and I always imagined some lovers can feel almost as good as paper 🙂 Every new innovation is resisted by many, then a few then, as someone once said,resistance is futile. I think it’s just a matter of time before I go mainly paperless. But like you said, for the really good books, paper will be the thing.

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