An Interview with Chennette

chennette-600Check out  Chennette’s interview on Amazing Trinidad Vacations. Chennett has developed the tasty and unique blog, Lifespan of a Chennette, with recipes, comments, and photographs about mainly local and Caribbean food. Chennette also includes foreign foods she experienced on her frequent travels to far off lands such as Turkey, Barbados and Grenada. According to Chennette she is “a Trini currently living and working in Guyana, with the good fortune of being able to hop around some of the beautiful places in the Caribbean, all the while learning how to use my camera.”

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7 thoughts on “An Interview with Chennette

  1. ooh, thanks for the linkage 🙂 I am actually off to Grenada again tomorrow. Currently trying to figure out camera and both lenses with my LIAT-ready handluggage. If only I could dump the work stuff…

  2. Very interesting, thank’s for sharing.
    @Chennette, I bookmarked your site and will be there on the weekend as I love to cook. 🙂

  3. Yuh know I always wanted to do that, not nessesarely about food though. But since there are no sites that offer an editing, I have to pass on it.:-)

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