Venezuela Wins Miss Universe While Other Countries Blog

Stefania Fernandez - Miss Universe 2009

Stefania Fernandez - Miss Universe 2009

If you see one Miss Venezuela, you have seen a future Miss Universe. I am not saying Venezuelan beauties are superior since I prefer Colombians and Trinis but Venezuela is a country that not only has many nationals now living in Trinidad because of Chavez but Venezuela takes the sport of competitive beauty to a new level. Venezuela is to beauty what Jamaica is to track and field.

Stefania Fernandez -1Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, was crowned Miss Universe yesterday and she took over from former Miss Venezuela and 2008 Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza.  That means Miss Venezuela won the Miss Universe Competition two years straight. Naturally, some people said the judges were biased and by Venezuela wining two years in a row it makes the competition more blogable and hence more popular. The popularity of events and celebrities are now being rated by the amount of blog space they occupy rather than those transient TV ratings. By Venezuela winning for two consecutive years it  makes it less likely Miss Venezuela will win in 2010. I am sorry for the next Miss Venezuela.

Gabrielle Walcott Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Gabrielle Walcott Miss Trinidad and Tobago2008 entrant in the Miss World pageant placed as the 2nd runner-up

I didn’t look at the Miss Universe competition because I am protesting Trinidad and Tobago’s inability to send a contestant to the competition this year. This is a serious issue and I think we have a very unpatriotic private sector that mainly makes money from importing items in 40-foot containers then selling these items at a markup. The private sector in Trinidad and Tobago cannot be considered creative or even smart since they don’t understand sponsoring beauty is like sponsoring natural gas – a natural resource.  Maybe the private sector is reeling for the recession or from buying houses in Miami but I still consider most of private sector companies unpatriotic but not all. I am not saying the government should take over the funding of the competition since that would give the competition a political slant locally. We could do without politicizing the one beautiful thing left in the country, beautiful women.

Valene Maharaj - Miss Trinidad and Tobago World 2007 title holder, and Miss World of the Caribbean for 2007

Valene Maharaj - Miss Trinidad and Tobago World 2007 title holder, and Miss World of the Caribbean for 2007

Trinidad and Tobago will do well to remember that Venezuela is obsessed with beauty and understand that natural talent can only get you so far and to go further a competitive beauty must be literally sculpted to perfection. Being born with a good butt or ample bosoms is not enough anymore and you also have to train your body parts to walk on stage without showing nerves. Forget what token  question they ask at the end since looking good trumps intelligence every day.

With every generation the beauty of a nation increases as more and more beautiful people are linking up via Internet Chat rooms and Carnivals bands. Surely there will come a time when human beauty will be saturated and perfection would have been reached. I think we are far from that time since less attractive people are still mating with each other due to the abundance of cheap beer and poor lighting at fetes.

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15 thoughts on “Venezuela Wins Miss Universe While Other Countries Blog

  1. i was flicking and saw when they called the fifteen and introduced the celebrity judges… only saw Europe and Spanish speaking girls with the token from the African continent and Australia getting a pick…

    those pics you have of here certainly look alot better than how she appeared on the night… especially when she flashed the pearly whites…. i honestly thought that I was looking at a horse’s mouth…

    the beauty pageant is an industry in some nations and certainly within Latin America…

    ho hum another ‘contest’ that has no real purpose… well other than ogling!

    • The criteria and definition for beauty lies with the judges or the person selecting the judges. That is why the competition is not as popular.

      I know the problem about teeth but teeth seem to be in these days. I don’t know if it’s true but the first thing a vet does when he examines a horse is its teeth. Maybe it’s the same with beauty contestants. As for ogling, I prefer the options the Internet offers as compared to Miss Universe 😉

  2. Bandi, I have healthy red blood so I like ogling.

    I will never protest that Trinidad has no reps there since the last one was really looking like a horse’s mouth, and not really Chinese, especially with all dem teeth …

    And the one- who ‘models’ only in the Caribbean but is listed as a ‘sper-model’? Ego trumps ability and looks… so no, I prefers the Columbia and Venies…. even if it makes me unpatriotic but sensible.

    • As I said, maybe teeth is in these days 😉

      The first criteria a model needs to be successful is not beauty but a big ego. I don’t know any of the very recent contestants but I knew a few of the almost recent ones and having a big ego helped for sure. For a model, humility is nice to have but it is mainly for the show.

      Thinking about it now, Bermudez and Fernandes could sponsor a local girl and she might even be of South American origin 😉

  3. makes note that you also prefer Colombians- no reason just making note. LOL.

    and is manufactured beauty you getting eh aka – breast implants, breast lift, lipo, tummy tuck, botox, dental veneers (that explains the white teeth), extra hair pieces added (to make hair full and bouncy), butt implants, and lots of make-up does wonders. 🙂

  4. mauvais, Chica, I would like to work in a women’s parts store. I don’t have to say which sections 😉

    The verdict isn’t in as the jury decides if an attractive bionic woman is better than the real thing in the wrong proportions. Men are visually stimulated by women even in the wrong ratios and thicknesses. It’s all a matter of how the woman’s string bikini fits inside a man’s head 🙂

    • Excuse me sir, oh AKA is you, boy when you start working at ‘All The Right Body Parts for Women?’ Anyways could you please pass me ah J-Lo butt if none, I’ll take Beyonce butt, and a pair of Tina Turner legs, I think that’s it for now. Next week I’ll be back for the air brush specials, yuh see ah have a lil cellulite ah need to get rid of. 🙂

  5. I belive that you would like that kind of job aka.:-)
    Well beauty is in they eye of the beholder. luckily women like me(who are not miss universe material) there are still men out there, who prefer a beautiful mind over a beautiful body. They are becoming extinct tho.:-)

  6. Your comments on T&T and the lack of support for sending a queen strikes a cord. In Jamaica, private sector did not support the Universe competition. The pageant holder had to hold a closed door competition to choose a girl to rep Jamaica. The same thing happened in track and field. In previous years before all the Bolts and Asafas, only a small number of companies supported track and field. Since the Olympics and World Champs companies are investing and putting their monies in track.

    Companies need to recognize that the investments they make will reap fruits in the future. They need to support activities now, not when they are on a high.

    • It’s good to know how Jamaica look at natural and marketable resources such as their people. I don’t know if the private sector in the West Indies feels they are already being taxed too much and the Government should be the ones to invest. I don’t think it’s fair to say the private sector in Trinidad and Tobago is against sponsorship since sponsorship is tax deductible but they don’t seem to have confidence in the rewards a company and a country could get from this investment.

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