Trinidad and Tobago – What a Bloody Mess


When Trinidad and Tobago police raided the new St. Joseph Police Station and found guns, ammo, and drugs stashed away in the ceiling the price of a Blackberry ran through my mind. How would a Police Officer ever be able to afford a Blackberry for his girlfriend, especially if his wife is monitoring his paycheck and the sex is good? Then someone pointed out ceiling contactors sometimes leave their stuff behind and usually can’t remember which ceiling they left their guns and weed.

This latest find by the Police is an attempt to clean up the Service and must be commended. Or should it be? This raid at the St. Joseph Police station may not be what it appears and may be a fight for turf among rival gun-renting police gangs. What this raid does for public confidence in the Service is to destroy confidence even further because for every police gang uncovered Mr. Public feels there are twenty more undiscovered.

crowbarI feel sorry for Martin Joseph because the tools he has to work with are as defective as the PM kindness genes. Nobody is safe in Trinidad and Tobago since the agency that is responsible for maintaining law and order is showing the public a face which says we are corrupt to the bone. The Service even tried to hit the PM, according to the PM. Two Chinese nationals working at a Casino in Port of Spain were brutally beaten with a crowbar by a gang of men who will probably never be arrested because crime detection is not part of police culture and all Trinis look the same to the investigators. The bloodied Chinese men were shown on TV and it depicted the future of our country. The public is beginning to feel The space suit men and women seen at various crime scenes on the news as Seven are there for show since they too are, no doubt, part of the illustrious Protect and Serve Gang of Thieves.

I am not being unfair and I expressing typical public outrage and hopelessness over the crime situation. Sure, there are good police officers but do you know who they are? I don’t.  Just as I waited for the Blimp to keep crime at bay, I am and now more that hopeful the interceptor boats and helicopters will protect us in the future. But this will only happen if the Service is run by the Calder Hart. Another apartment in Miami will be a small price to pay to a patriotic CEO who has the ability to love the PM more than Rowley can. Do Mr. Hart and other patriotic businessmen who drain the Country’s foreign exchange to buy their real homes in Miami not know they are helping devalue our dollar? Do they not see this as also a crime?

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11 thoughts on “Trinidad and Tobago – What a Bloody Mess

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  2. It is so amazing that dunceys could not muster the intelligence to pass more than 3 subjects in school (the CoP was evicted from primary school with a school leaving cert, I’ve been told) and yet, dey could find ways to tief and circumvent the law.

    I guess there is a big reason they seem successful… their fellow dunceys just might be even less capable of detecting the deviants.

    • I don’t blame the man for his education but I blame the people who want him there. Maybe the Police Service is as dysfunctional as certain powers want them to be. Who is running the drug show? Is it more than one person? Is it a cartel with power over the bosses? I think the guns in the roof is just a spin off of the bigger Crime Industry. Who is going to guard the guards?

  3. greetings! interesting T&T blog! I’m an artist who makes small books about islands, planning a 3-6 month visit to Tobago this December but beginning to wonder if I’ll be continually on-edge with all the crime against tourists. Are parts of Tobago unsafe even during the day? Should I wait and visit another time? … comments welcome

    • If you go to some car rental agencies in Tobago there are large signs saying places to avoid in Tobago. This has been so for years, imagine that. The Police and the Authorities really don’t care about making these places safe since they probably have a hand in the local crime operations, just like their coworkers in Trinidad. Plus,they face no adverse consequences for not working.

      With the recent tourist attacks you will experience the usual knee-jerk reaction from the Authorities which will make Tobago a safer place for a while. But it will be business as usual after a couple months where the Tobago Police would rather do nothing proactive and take infinitely long to react. My Tobago friends would always say, stay away from secluded spots. If you are an artist and need solitude to work, that could be dangerous.

  4. This is so well written and it says A LOT without even trying.

    There is a level of disdain and disrespect someone HAS TO HAVE for their line of work in order to carry out their illicit activities on the premises.

    It would not have been better to have the police officers in question stash the ammo, etc at their homes or some secret hideout, but somehow it actually seems WORSE that they didn’t care enough about the “good police” to not want to act in a manner that would jeopardize the reputation of the entire police service.

    I feel like there are only a few of us (at home and abroad) who even really care at this point…care beyond just saying we do and care enough to do something. We have to do something!!!

    • You are right, ennekaycee . I also get the impression people in the police service are just in it for the money. Guarding the reputation of the Service probably never entered their minds.

      We do have to do something but the administration thinks opposition to the rot in society is opposition to them.

  5. The entire situation just keeps getting more and more grim. I keep telling myself that the deviants are still in the minority, but since my handbag was slashed INSIDE A BANK a couple weeks ago I am constantly on edge now, both in my home and in public. 😦

    • You had your handbag slashed INSIDE A BANK? That would make anybody insecure. They might be a deviant minority but they are growing in numbers and determination, and that’s what’s frightening.

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