Trinidad and Tobago – Recession or No Recession


Finance Minister, Karen Nunez-Tesheira said on Wednesday we are not in a recession and CNC3 confirmed her theory with Wikipedia. The Central Bank Governor, Ewart Williams, also said we are not in a recession but in something which sounds worse, a deep slowdown. UWI economics lecturer, Dr. Greogry McGuire writing in the Trinidad and Tobago Review wanted to know if the Central Bank Governor was muzzled and now practicing Manning’s Ostrich Economics. Another UWI lecturer, Dr. Dhanyshar Mahabir, said we are probably not in a recession since we are a third world nation and recession definitions are for developed countries. However, Dr. Dhanysar Mahabir said we should not listen to those people who say now is the time to loosen your belt since there will be a time and place to do that in about nine months.  A nuts man from Curepe Junction said he doesn’t have the data to say if the country is in a recession but he knows more people are ketching dey ass this year compared to a year ago.

Store Bay Tobago - Tall Wave-2007Recession is just a word and it is like swine flu; you may have some symptoms and feel like yuh want tu dead but the test came back negative. I am not an economist but I have to agree with the Finance Minister and The Central Bank Governor since you still can’t find parking at Movietowne on Saturdays. But there are troubling signs that the economy is heading for a deep slowdown such as the increase in the theft of car mirrors from car parks manned by CCTV cameras installed for your peace of mind.  To the public, a recession is both real – you can’t afford a quart of hops on Saturday – and physiological – you want to plan that vacation to Disney World but look for signs of new milatary helicopters before you do so . When both the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance say loosen your belt you wonder if they were addressing the population or themselves. Despite the pants-dropping advice from our leaders, the Minister of Finance said the population doesn’t save enough but she failed to say how to do this and still be Trini-Happy.

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22 thoughts on “Trinidad and Tobago – Recession or No Recession

  1. ent one normally gauges the state of a society by the man on the street… so I think I’ll believe the nutsman…

    CNC3 confirmed her theory with Wikipedia... dem cyar be serious… i feel I should created an entry for CNC3… its already there as Command & Conquer

  2. Lemme get lil picky, much of what you say is interesting in the extreme.

    Wikipedia: I’ve long been toying with the idea of putting up biographies of all the ministers, you know, the real biographies. Also that of my nom de plume.

    theft of car mirrors: Dey graduate from side trims and wipers?

    pants-dropping advice: Call me crazy, but I always suspected a lot of pants-dropping between members of this government. Not necessarily between members of the opposite sex. It explains a lot of what we see…

    I won’t mind seeing the Fine-ass.. ah mean Finance Minister drop hers though…

  3. “theft of car mirrors” – ok…something to worry about – this is standard practice in Georgetown. There are so many people driving around with one or no wing mirrors, because…well..what’s the point? So, I agree with my own perception that it is a clear linkage to economic downturn…think I could get on the news for that?

  4. Point of Interest:

    Some months ago, I was reading of a criminal ring broken up in Italy.

    Seems that these guys would go around in a car with a broken wing mirror, and with a bag of marbles. They’d pick a car with older folks or women, pass close, and pitch a marble onto the oncoming vehicle.

    The tinkle caused the other driver to stop, and they would then accuse the him/her of breaking their mirror.

    They’d then settle for a few euros (not too little, the cost of a mirror) so as to avoid insurance reports for the other driver (the mark), and move on to another victim.

    They were making hundreds of Euros per day…

  5. I have to admit that “deep slowdown” sounds much nicer than recession.:-)
    This had me almost wet my pants: “you want to plan that vacation to Disney World but look for signs of new milatary helicopters before you do so “

    • Chica, as soon as I know those four helicopters are paid for I will go to Disney World and even splurge a little on a some Mickey Mouse ears.

      Yep, deep slowdown does sound appealing 😉

  6. Hmm..why CNC quoting from Wiki…Webster dic was offline that day??? Them cyar be serious…

    And the nuts man on point…LOL

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