Plot to Prevent the Prime Minister’s Workout


I first read about the Prime Minister’s one-year old death threat on Jumbie’s Watch and thought Jumbie had some inside information about the plot. But then I realized it was the time zone thing and Jumbie knows many things before we do. While we are dreaming about a night in the Hyatt Penthouse with a perfect lingerie model, Jumbie would be fuming mad about what is going on in sweet TnT. But I am like Jumbie and cannot keep it inside no more.

It seems our Papa wants the best of both worlds; the world of a living hero and that of an almost dead one. Papa is the Prime Minister so he must be telling the truth about the death-threat because to tell such a lie in that position of trust and perfect character would mean to misbehave and wine on public office. Some might argue he is making up the death threat because his current popularity is that of a toadstool, but he is the Prime Minister and should never be confused for a toadstool.

Filmed in Trinidad and Tobago in 2006 it also stars Gabrielle Walcott in a minor role

Filmed in Trinidad and Tobago in 2006 it also stars Gabrielle Walcott in a minor role

A death threat is a serious thing and I am sure it is still being investigated by The Hon Joseph in between crime plans. Strangely, no one has been arrested even though the Papa claims he knows which group likes him the least. This brings back memories of July 27th 1990 a momentous event and nightmare  only Papa and Bas could understand.

Because of the advance warning by a Good Samaritan and lack of witnesses to the event, Papa was able to live to see Obama and Chavez steal his thunder in his own country. Citizens don’t want the stress of worrying about who would be the next leader and Papa is always happy to help. How the intelligence services in the country did not pick up the death threat and had to wait for someone to carry news to the woman Papa  literally falls asleep with should be a matter of great concern. It is also of great concern that National Security helicopters and scores of police Jeeps did not find the those Inglourious Basterds who denied Papa a proper workout that morning.

This is now the plot of my first novel but I would have to list it under FICTION.

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