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A regular visitor to this blog, Liane Spicer, not only has her own blog, Wordtryst, but is also a member of a new blog run by a team of published authors (novelist) called Novel Spaces. On their blog the authors of Novel Spaces describe themselves this way “We’re an eclectic group of authors bound by a singular passion: writing. If you love reading great stories from across the broad spectrum of tales to be told, then you’re definitely in the right space. Journey with us.” Based of this goal, Novel Spaces is the blog to read if you are interested in what goes on in the minds of successful authors and blogs.

The authors at Novel Spaces classify their writings in the following categories, erotic fiction, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, horror, romance and contemporary romance with a Caribbean flavor. Years ago I never bothered with categories for books until I discovered  one called Graphic Adult Picture Book.

I am not a writer but a follower of the craft. I loved Stephen King’s On Writing and also read several books on grammar which I was never able to comprehend. I find writing two paragraphs for a blog post difficult much less writing a novel with properly designed covers along with a plot. I always imagine authors as talented, mysterious people with colorful lives and Mac Books with keyboards cracked from being hit with vases thrown from every creative angle. I enjoy my imagination more than coming up with one and that is why I recommend Novel Spaces to everyone.

This is not a paid advertisment

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