Pentax K200D – Trinidad Photos

Trini Christmas

Just over two years ago (the best damn photographer from Trinidad and Tobago and who understood why digital sucked) recommended I buy a Pentax f1.4 50mm prime lens and swore I wouldn’t regret it. Back then I had the Pentax *istDL DSLR, which I bought in 2006 with the 18-55mm kit lens. The 50mm f1.4 was going to be more than a step up, it was going to be a step in another direction. I don’t want to sound dramatic but it changed my life and that of my friends forever. Joke. But seriously, the lens is now like the American Express of photography, I never shoot without it. Since I had the lens I took several photos at a family wedding and impressed myself more than anyone. The hired photographer for the wedding, in my opinion, produced nothing to remember but that probably had little to do with the 18-200mm Canon lens he used.

bird-windowIf you read the paragraph above you would swear I have some stunning examples of the Pentax 50mm f1.4 to show but stunning is personal to the viewer- what might stun me may knock you senseless. Other than the hops bread photo, I have little I can publicly display from my f1.4.  I have also been shooting with my newer, cheaper Pentax 50-200mm zoom and it is also one I almost never leave home without because it is relatively small. I bought a Pentax K200D December last year which is a marginal step up from the  Pentax *istDL and I can only imagine some good people at some popular photo websites groaning on reading this.

hops_breadThis brings me to my new photo Album – Trinidad Random Shots. Most the shots were taken with the Pentax K200D (except for one) using mainly the 50mm f1.4 and the 50-200mm zoom. Some were taken yesterday (The rainbow shot) and I think the oldest might be December last year. There is nothing too fancy or too spectacular in this latest album and it is there as proof that photos can put you to sleep. I included basic EXIF data with each photo for those who live for the f-stop. With the exception of the Trinidad, and Tobago chocolate photos, I depended on the camera shake reduction since I paid for it. Everything could be better and my excuse for the rest of my life will always be I am learning.

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11 thoughts on “Pentax K200D – Trinidad Photos

  1. that hops…yummy
    them dates…double yummy – I luv dates

    luv, luv the outdoor pics
    looking forward to more trinidad random shots 🙂

    • Hot hops and real butter, that is the dish 🙂
      I like dates and always seem to have some home.
      The good news is that I hope to have more Trinidad and Tobago pics soon so stay tuned.

  2. Beautiful pics Aka as always. The right equipment sure make a big difference if one knows how to take pics. (I sure dont!)
    Interesting to see that the chocolate is the same as over here, even witten in german, that’s funny. Now those bugs look kind of big.:(

    • Thanks, Chica but I am sure you do take good pics 😉

      I got the chocolates from a friend in England who bought them in Germany. Are thay widely available in Germany? I don’t know if they are available in Trinidad or Tobago but that 75% kakao is fantastic!

  3. The Hops bread and the bird are great! I also really liked the green leaves – both – the light through the first and the shadows on the palm, very nice.
    I recently bought myself a 50mm. I am trying hard to use it, but even though I have certainly not mastered the 18-135 mm kit lens, I find myself wanting to stick with what I am comfortable with…of course, it would help if I made a concerted effort to just take more photos 🙂

    • Chennette, you are the food expert and I try to copy some of what you did but I suppose I need good looking food as well 🙂

      It takes a while to get accustom to the 50mm but if you have f1.4 and the Canon is not too bad at ISO 800 or even 1600 then low-light photography can be fun. The f1.4 is also great in museums where no flash photography is allowed.

  4. Lovely shots. I swear I smelled those julie mangoes… and the pommerac… juicy! That ghost cloud (or smoke?) is startling, and the flowers and foliage are all beautiful. The buttercups really stand out behind the dead wood. That chocolate is available here? You shouldn’t have said that…

    Saw a ‘guana on the wall at work this week. Anyone wanting to cook it will have to go through me!

    Btw, the best equipment ain’t worth a damn if you don’t know how to use it… 😀

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