Trinidad and Tobago Government Running Scared – Finally


Government loses its claim to legitimacy when it fails to fulfill its obligations.

—Martin L. Gross
The Government Racket, 1992

So the DPP will decide if to charge Inshan Ishmael, a social activist and one of the organizers of the One Voice gathering, for staging a protest outside the Prime Minister’s residence last Sunday night. This was amazingly rapid response by the Police possibly because it involved the most loved Prime Minister this country ever had, Patrick Manning. I have no doubt that the Government wants to put a stop to any democratic protest in the country because democracy and the will of the people are a threat to the Government’s ability to stay in power and out of jail. Charging Inshan Ishmael will not solve any of the country’s problems but it will be a shabby attempt to solve a big ruling party problem; legitimacy.

The Government, through its worthless PR machinery, gives the impression that all protest against the Government is political. You see, it is political to protest the inability of the Government to curb crime, to build a smelter without even considering the benefits and real cost to the country, to chronically have poor health care served in a foreign language, drag racing on the roads at night, the non-functioning of CCTV cameras since the cameras never picked up any drag racing, interference in every independent democratic intuition including an independent but stupid senator, a less than intelligent president and the appointment of incompetent Ministers at nearly every level. I suppose that last one is rigid Government policy.

The latest PR ploy called the TEMPORARY freezing of salaries of Parliamentarians by the SRC isn’t fooling anybody, especially the Trade Unions who are going to be hit with a wage-freeze policy. The people won’t buy it because after years of squandering billions on a select few the Government cannot call for anything resembling a wage freeze without paying the ultimate price of defeat at the polls.  Added to all this is the lack of foreign exchange to maintain our heavily dependent foreign exchange lifestyle and Government’s squander mania. Constant small increases in the exchange rate will mean big increases in the cost of living. Try to freeze the country’s wages while this is happening, Mr.  Prime Minister. One Voice wasn’t a protest; it was the tip of only one iceberg. I guess you already know that.

Go ahead and arrest Inshan Ishmael and the all the protesters and see how much better the country will be. Go ahead and leave the Woodford square protesters alone. Go ahead and see if this is good for building a proper 2020 nation. When people say you and your Government don’t care, Mr. Prime Minister, they are not being political; they are telling you what they see and experience everyday.

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