Why Peter Peterson is Giving Away a Billion Dollars

pete-g-peterson-550Everybody wished they had a billion dollars to give away but many of us wouldn’t do it, I suppose. I don’t know, maybe I would. Too much and too little money can make us do crazy things but how much is enough? Well, Peter G. Peterson is giving away one billion dollars US, but unlike the billions politicians giveaway, the money is his. You can read his reasons in the article as it appeared in Newsweek but I want to quote a small bit from it:

Our representatives, unlike our Founding Fathers, see politics as a career. As a result, they are focused not on the next generation, but on the next election. When the long-term problems are large and real, they anesthetize us, mislead us, divert us—anything to keep us from giving up something or having to pay for it. Too often, our political leaders are just enablers, co-conspirators in a disingenuous and greedy silence. Our children are unrepresented. The future is unrepresented. The moment is long overdue for us to become moral and worthy ancestors.

We in Trinidad and Tobago suffer the same problem with politicians and several of our MPs are in it for the power. But we have an even bigger problem; we are still governed by a heartless Father and his equally callous band of followers.  Every time the people complain to our Father  either he, or a physically and intellectually short person speaks harshly to us.    They are only concerned about winning and unfortunately,  destroying who and what they can’t.

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