Murder, Murder Everywhere in Trinidad and Tobago


Every day seems to be a better day in Trinidad and Tobago and yesterday was no exception. Camille Danniel, a woman who lived in Diego Martin, was carjacked. She attempted to escape by pulling into a “Model Police Station” but this plan didn’t work. The carjackers probably threatened to shoot Mrs. Danniel if she pulled in to the police station and she may have thought it was an acceptable risk because a Police Station should be a symbol of security. Tragically, Mrs. Danniel last moments were spent in terror as she was shot in the back on driving into the police station by one of the carjackers who was intent in keeping his criminal word. She died on the spot.

Most people, except The Party Faithful, were appalled at this recent assault by criminals on a defenseless woman but it was not unexpected since the interceptor boats have not arrived in the country yet.  Citizens also think there is only a cosmetic approach to the crime problem in Trinidad and Tobago as there were always rumors  saying some very big people with long strings and the police are involved in drugs and guns in Trinidad and Tobago. Citizens are outraged by this Murder in a Model Police Station and the only thing that may take the people’s minds away from the incident is if the Prime Minister announces the construction of another smelter or praises Martin Joseph’s intellect again.

We do not care if Martin Joseph is putting his best foot forward. We do not care The Prime Minister never expresses compassion because he has none. Did he speak with any compassion about Tecia Henry’s murder? We do not care if the Prime Minister has a fragile ego and Martin Joseph is his mentor and scapegoat. All we want is to not get killed and raped. We want to walk the streets without worrying about carjackers and muggers, and not worry about drunk drivers and speeding cars. All we want is to breathe air without toxins and to not fight the Government to do what is right.  We are not asking for much but to the average ruling politician we are asking too much.

No doubt the studying of the latest crime plan by Martin Joseph will be fast tracked to give the nation another illusion of care. Just wait and see.

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6 thoughts on “Murder, Murder Everywhere in Trinidad and Tobago

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  2. I have to agree with wuzdescene. To say that the last few days have shaken me is to understate matters, and as for yesterday’s murder in Diego… I just can’t seem to assimilate this latest horror.

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  4. scene, Liane, mauvaislangue, No place is safe anymore. It is hard to understand the brutality of this latest incident. Hopefully my gut feeling is wrong but with the murder toll at 270+ so far and bandits determination to succeed at an all time high, I think we can expect more gruesome headlines in the future.

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